How Video Conferencing Platforms are Changing the Way Healthcare is Handled

Video conferencing platforms like that of Zoom are being used to change the way healthcare is done in the midst of a pandemic. The technology has been used before but has not been as widely adopted as in today’s world. The ability of a patient to go home and complete rehab from there not only saves money but can assist in recovery. People sleep better at home and will most likely eat far healthier than a hospital cafeteria can offer. Virtual doctor visits are billed differently by large payers in the US leading many doctors not to adopt the technology. Below are a few ways healthcare is changing with video and new technology.

Checkups Being Done Virtually

Doing an annual checkup virtually provides ultimate convenience for people of all ages. Not having to battle traffic or find a ride to the doctor will allow you to spend more time at home. People that have been taking medication might have a quick few minute online appointment to talk about how they are feeling then that is it. Going and sitting in a waiting room filled with sick people isn’t appealing to many people although it is done on a daily basis. Look for more doctors to offer telehealth services in the future due to the convenience it provides everyone.

Patients Do Not Need to Change Doctors When Relocating

Changing a doctor can be a pain especially when your doctor understands your health very well. After years, your doctor knows more than what is listed in their notes. Being able to stay in contact with a doctor your trust is important when moving. You might find a doctor in your area but this can be a trial and error process as you might not like a doctor for one reason or another. In the fitness industry, there are trainers giving workouts across the globe. At no point in history have people been able to meet with world-class healthcare professionals from the comfort of their homes.

Eliminates Getting Sick From Waiting Rooms

The convenience that telemedicine provides via video conferencing platforms is nearly unmatched. For some people, getting to the doctor can be a chore due to traffic or the inability to drives themselves. The other important aspect to remember is that there are healthy and sick patients that a person has to share a waiting room with. The ability to do a checkup or consultation with a doctor from home eliminates this possibility.

What Does This Mean for Doctors?

The ability to travel while still treating patients is something that most doctors never get the opportunity to do. A doctor can work part-time if they are nearing retirement while still having daily obligations that keep them in a routine. The ability to maintain a higher quality of care with patients imputing daily vitals will be quite easy. Being able to see that a health issue could be impending can save a person’s life in the cases of heart attacks or strokes.

Healthcare is full of amazing technology and telehealth is here to stay. Take the time to look into the benefits of telehealth and the services that are provided. You might be surprised as you can take care of an injury without having to go to a physical therapist’s office daily. Their office will now come to you!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.