How to Write Email Marketing Copy that Converts

Email marketing is one of the best forms of online marketing strategies since it’s cheap and personal. However, it’s a strategy that few small business owners seem to get success from.

If you’re not one of those “few people,” then it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing approach and start following these tips on how to write email marketing copy that converts

Create Catchy Headlines

The first thing that your subscribers will see upon receiving your email is the headline—your subject line. That very line decides whether your email will be read or marked as trash or, worse, spam. The most effective email marketing headlines are generally:

  • Short, with 10-25 characters being the ideal
  • Use strong action words such as believe, do, stop, and win
  • Avoid spam-trigger words like free, !!!, lose weight, make money fast, and satisfaction guaranteed, attention

Make It Personal

As I’ve mentioned earlier, emails are great because they are personal. To make your email copy personal, you ought to:

  • In the salutation and, ideally, in the body of the email where the words like “customer,” “buyer,” or “client” are used.
  • Write in the second person. Refer to readers as “you” and their issues as “your.”
  • Send informative copies on your subscribers’ important days (e.g., birthday)

Write the Way You Talk

“I forgot to take something…instruments that record, analyze, summarize, organize, debate and explain information; that are illustrated, non-illustrated, hardbound, paperback, jacketed, non-jacketed; with foreword, introduction, table of contents, index; that are indented for the enlightenment, understanding, enrichment, enhancement and education of the human brain through sensory route of vision – sometimes touch.” (i.e., “I forgot my books” from “3 Idiots”)

Have you ever heard somebody talk like that? Your readers don’t have the time and patience to decipher your code message. What they want is to read emails that are easy to understand. That means you should write the way you talk and:

  • Avoid using too many jargons
  • Make your sentences and paragraphs short
  • Use contractions (e.g., you’re, it’s, and that’s)

Use Sub-headings and Bullets

Emails aren’t books, so don’t fill them with scary blocks of texts. Instead, make them reader-friendly by chopping your paragraphs where appropriate, creating subheadings for the sub-topics you cover, and using bullets to highlight the most important details. All these are aimed at making your emails easy to scan and digest, regardless of what your readers’ age or background might be.

Include a Clear Call to Action in Your Messages

At the end of the day, you’re sending email copies to your subscribers because you want them to do something. You have to make sure that your goal is accomplished by giving them a push—clearly telling them to call you, send you an email, or drop by your office or shop. Giving them some more push with a limited-time offer and telling readers to “Act Now!” can also be beneficial.

Email marketing can definitely boost your brand awareness, leads, and sales, if you use it right. Try making new email copies with the tips I shared with you today, and see how they change your results for the better.

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Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.

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