How to Utilize Instagram Influencers to Their Fullest

Nearly everyone these days has an Instagram account and we’re discovering that we can use it in more ways than one. As well as being a platform to share photos and videos, we’re finding out that it’s a brilliant platform for our marketing strategies. Not only is it good for large companies that already have a popular following, but also smaller ones looking to make their mark in their industry. 

What is an influencer? 

Firstly, let’s look over what an Instagram influencer is and what their role is in helping your business. An Instagram influencer is an individual who has gained a following of a certain amount of people that listen to their opinions on things, therefore influencing them. This usually happens at around 10, 000 followers, as this is when companies will start to ask you to post things for them. A role of an influencer is to promote your product to their fan base and try to influence them into buying it, making your business money. They won’t do this for free, of course, so be prepared to pay for their services. 


Remember, the more followers they have means the more money they will charge for advertising your products. If you’re looking into becoming an influencer, but don’t know where to start, there are ways to kick start your following on Instagram which will fill your feed with likes. The team over at has developed an algorithm that will provide you with likes from real profiles every time you post, without you having to flick a finger any more than you need. The algorithm can work in any way you like, meaning if you want your likes to come in some time after your post has gone live then that’s not a problem; or if you want your likes to be slow dripped over a period of time then that’s fine too. 

Why do I need an influencer? 

The short answer is you don’t need to use an influencer to grow your business, but if you choose to use one it will help grow your business a lot faster and that’s partly down to trust. Instagram has been able to create a platform in which its users feel connected to each other and this is by being able to comment, like, and send messages to each other. The ability is there for anyone to use, whether they have one million followers, or one hundred, and that creates a level of trust because followers end up feeling like they know the influencer. This is advantageous over traditional methods of advertising because people are more likely to buy into something that comes from a trusted and known source. 


Alongside being from a trusted source, being able to choose a profile that specializes in exactly the area you want to market in can be a brilliant way to reach like-minded people that will enjoy your product or company. For example, if your company specializes in car tyres, then finding an Instagram influencer that’s into cars and the car industry would be a brilliant place to start. Advertising with such influencers will give you absolute confidence that your product is being shown to like-minded people who are more likely to buy.

What kind of Influencer shall I go for? 

There’s no point in a small company trying to get an influencer of 1 million followers to advertise them unless they have the capital to back them up, so let us look at the few types of influencer there are and why it’s important to understand the difference before we move any further. 


A mega-influencer is someone with 5 million or more followers, these guys are the big dogs and make up around one percent of all Instagram users. This is where the big money lies and a single post on one of these profiles can cost anywhere from $20000 and up; large companies with big pockets are the ones that collaborate with the elite of Instagram. 


An influencer is usually around 100000 followers and up; many big companies will collaborate these profiles. 


Micro (10000-100000 followers) and Nano (3000-10000 followers) influencers make up the majority of Instagram users and often have a fan base that’s highly interactive, much more so than the bigger influencers when talking percentage. This can put you at an advantage when paying for advertising as you know that you’ll have a higher success to follower rate when using micro or nano influencers.


Larger influencers often look like their lifestyle is glamourous or almost from a catalogue so isn’t very relatable, whereas the smaller influencers tend to use products they’re advertising in a day to day scenario, making them a more believable sale. 


So when it comes to utilizing your Instagram influencers, make sure you’ve chosen wisely and that you aren’t paying over the odds for anything you aren’t going to get anything from. Sometimes the biggest return can come from the smaller influencer.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.