How to Use Water Bottles to Market Your Brand

To attract customers to your business, you have to adopt well thought through marketing strategies to create awareness of your products. Giving out custom-made water bottles made of superior quality materials is one of the creative methods of promoting your business to increase leads.  People consume water regularly, whether at home, in the office, when driving, or in school and it’s a product that potential customers are guaranteed to take when they’re out in public. 

Why Should You Incorporate Water Bottles As A Marketing Tool? 

They Are Affordable

Water bottles are cheaper than several comparable methods of advertising. It’s a one-time investment that will circulate your name for several days to weeks or longer. The low costs make it an excellent marketing method for both large and small business entities.

It’s On Trend

By giving out water bottles to the community, you encourage more people to drink water, which is healthy. In return, you get to advertise your brand unlimitedly. Members of the community will appreciate that you care about their health, and people need an excuse to drink more water

It Is an Excellent Way of Mobile Marketing

People will carry their water bottles around with them.  Your brand will be marketed in different places without you having to spend an extra cent.

You Will Contribute To Environmental Conservation

Reusable bottles are in high demand these days due to rapidly growing environmental awareness worldwide. While promoting your brand you’re able to You can also include a message in the bottles telling people to take good care of the environment. 

To increase the effectiveness of this marketing strategy, you will need to customize the bottles using water bottle labels. The labels could include the following information:

  • Your business logo 
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email
  • Tag line
  • Web address

How can you use customized water bottles to increase the awareness of your brand?

Give the Bottles to the Participants of Charity Runs

Giving out water bottles during charity runs enables you to offer services to the community while promoting your brand. The participants of the run will get thirsty and will require water to keep them hydrated. Apart from recognizing your brand, the participants and the organizers will also appreciate your thoughtful acts. Your team can give the water to the participants at designated areas or at the end of the run.

Give Them Out As Subscription Freebies

You can encourage clients to sign up on your site and give them custom made bottles as a reward. Giving them gifts will encourage many prospective customers to sign up on your site.

Distribute Them during Local Events

Get your name out there in the local community by giving water bottles during various events such as barbeques, craft fairs, and parades. It shows that you are not only interested in making profits, but you are also mindful of your local society.

Give Them Out During Trade Shows

People going for trade shows are usually looking for brands that produce high quality and excellent products. Since they will be walking around in search of products, they are  likely to get thirsty. Take advantage of the situation and give them water in your customized bottles. They will appreciate your kind act and will want to know more about your brand.

Give the Bottles to Schools

If your products are related to education, you can distribute water bottles to students in different schools. This will increase the awareness of your product or service to the students, their parents, and the school administration. Parents always love it when someone shows interest in the well-being of their children.

Gift Special Customers

Show gratitude to your loyal customers by giving them the bottles. These may be frequent customers or those who often refer other people to your business. By rewarding the customers, you show them that they are of value, which encourages them to continue buying your goods or services. You can make the bottles personalized by putting a special message unique to an event or customer.

 Place Them on Your Reception Area

First impressions do matter a lot. When prospective customers visit your premises, make sure the receptionist offers them some water. It makes them feel welcomed and appreciated.

You can also give the bottles to board members participating in company meetings. This creates a good impression of your brand.

Participate In Sponsorships

You can sponsor local sports teams by giving the bottles to the participants and other attendees. You can personalize them more by adding a photo of the teams or messages wishing them luck ,in addition to your business information. It shows your passion for the team and sells your business name to prospective customers. This is a great opportunity since such events attract large crowds from different places.

The use of custom made water bottles has been proven as one of the effective ways of marketing brands. Make sure the bottles are of good quality and will last long. Poor quality bottles may taint the image of your business, and you could fail to accomplish your goals. With the several methods highlighted above, you can choose the one you are most comfortable with, and experience increased customer leads at affordable costs.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.