How to Use Video Effectively in Your Marketing Efforts

The use of video as a marketing medium has become an essential channel for marketers these days. While other content sharing methods are still useful, videos are more relatable and impactful. However, the question remains, what makes a great video? It’s more than just shooting a video and posting it. There are a few key elements that make a video more effective. 

While your goal is driving sales, focus on the stories

Social media has made it easier for marketers to reach a large number of people directly through videos and within a very short time. If you want your video marketing campaign to have an impact, it should connect with the viewers on a personal level. The video should create some type of value for the viewer.

Telling stories about yourself will make your video more relatable. It will allow the viewer to have a better understanding of what your company is offering. Don’t make your video too long or too short because customers may lose interest. Create a storytelling arc from the first frame to the last that will keep your audience hooked all through.

Create an interesting thumbnail

Most social media platforms allow their users to upload a thumbnail to go along with their videos. These brief representations of your video are a great way to capture your viewers’ attention. Thumbnails could be viewed as a prelude to an important section of the video. Think of these short videos as first impressions.

When choosing a thumbnail, go for one that is clear and of high quality. Avoid those blurry, motion-filled shots. Great thumbnails should also adopt the storytelling technique, to show the viewer what’s coming up in your video.

Identify your target audience

Making your content with your viewers in mind is very important. Their age, gender, locations, and languages are all components that you should consider when making your video. Incorporating these elements into your video creation will help you make it more personal and interactive.

Closed Captioning

The use of closed captions is greatly overlooked by marketers. However, it is one of those hidden gems that increase the chances for viewers to click on your videos. Closed captioning is the type of service that displays the text of what is being said in your video.

When your videos are posted on social media platforms, they are initially displayed without audio. The sound only plays when the viewer clicks on your video.

Closed captions are a quick way to capture your audience’s interest before they even listen to your video. They will then click on your video if they’re interested.

It’s all in the Intro

For every video, the introduction will always be the most important part. The majority of viewers use the first three seconds of a video to decide whether it’s interesting or not. You could grab the attention of your viewer by asking questions at the beginning that would make them want an answer which you reveal later in the video. Intro Maker can make you an attention-grabbing intro for your marketing video!

You could also seize their attention by speaking to a pain point that you think they may relate to. Remember to promise to offer the solution to that pain, and you will have them hooked throughout.

Use what you have

You don’t always have to create new content from scratch for your videos. If you have blogs that were a hit in the past, you can update the content and repurpose them in video form. Use the main points in those articles to write your script. It will save you a lot of time and money.

Also, since the article was popular with readers before, there’s a high probability that people will watch the video. You may also get new subscribers since there are people that prefer to watch a video instead of reading a blog.

Be sure to incorporate some of these tips while creating your video content and watch as your sales go up and up because of your brilliant video marketing.   


Alex is a small business blogger with a focus on entrepreneurship and growth. With over 5 years of experience covering the startup and small business landscape, Alex has a reputation for being a knowledgeable, approachable and entrepreneurial-minded blogger. He has a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing small business owners, and is able to provide actionable advice and strategies for success. Alex has interviewed successful entrepreneurs, and covered major small business events such as the Small Business Expo and the Inc. 500|5000 conference. He is also a successful entrepreneur himself, having started and grown several small businesses in different industries.