How to Use Stickers to Promote Your Organizational Culture

If you have been part of a business for any length of time you have had to sit through training sessions offered by the owners and upper management. Ones that involve winning prizes and getting stickers for completing them all. If you do not remember, they will teach you the organization culture that the company has, as well as the ones that the local branch has. This local branch is the one that you are currently working at, and as such you have the obligation to embrace their culture and to help others accept it as well.

But you need to figure out a way to keep the main points being made in the minds of all the workers. Other than holding a meeting every day and talking about it, there are a few ways to keep your organizational culture at the front of the line when it comes to the business. Let us take a quick look at them now.

  • Onboarding: The onboarding process for your company may be extensive, or it may be minimal, depending on how important it is for your business. The important aspect to remember about these types of gatherings is to keep in mind that you are bombing your new employees with tons of information. Tons that they will more than likely forget until they have been working for a while. Giving them stickers that have reminders and bullet points can help them try to remember.
  • Hand Outs: Another fantastic way to keep your culture intact is to randomly send out stickers to your employees. Ones that list the main objectives of the organizational culture. These stickers can be placed anywhere by your workers. The ones that are serious about your company and have embraced it as way of life, will take the stickers and display them were they can see it, as well as being in a place where everyone has access to it.
  • Build a Work Family: If you think about it, you will see that the majority of your day goes to work and getting to or from there. It makes things much better, and more fun, if you can have a good relationship with all the people working with you. There will always be some, though, that make that impossible, but for the most part, the people at work will become work families. This is easy to promote to your people once they all interact. Send them some logo stickers that they can display wherever they want, especially at their homes or on their cars. Free advertising for your company, a close-knit group of friends that live and breathe your culture for your workers. It is a win-win type of situation.
  • Competition: One thing in the workplace that big retail companies know about is competition. A little competition within your people will help them grow bigger bonds, because it will be friendly. If you push too much competition, though, you will get people fighting for position in your favor. Anyway, make a friendly competition for the most sales, or the best presentation of a product, the sky is the limit. The winner gets a big, flashy sticker to show for their efforts.

Stickers are one of those things that you can use for almost anything. Anything, that is, that gets your employees moving. The faster they move, the more work they get done. You must remember though that the happier your people are, the more productive they will be at their jobs.

Plus, if your entire team is happy and likes working together, you will end up with a loyal crew that not only gets their jobs done, but that will spread your company name to their friends and family. This can either get you some other great workers when you need them, or it will get you more return customers. Sometimes you will even get both.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.