How to Stay in Shape While Working Remotely

The workplace has changed immensely over the last year due to COVID-19. The percentage of employees that are still working remotely when compared to before the pandemic is astronomical. Certain estimates state that the pandemic moved the evolution of remote work up around 4 years. The adaptability of employees surprised employers in a large number of sectors. The government was an area that saw increased productivity by certain employees with many thinking some roles will go fully remote. 

Clear Emails on Your Stationary Bike 

Most people have to clear emails to a certain extent at an office job. This can take some people a bulk of the first portion of their day or a small amount of time. Using this time to exercise on a stationary bike while replying and setting your agenda for the day can be the perfect usage of time. Most people need a few minutes to get working after clearing their email and by setting your agenda you can be productive immediately. The last few hours of the day being relaxed due to high productivity at the beginning of the day is a great daily reward. 

Plan Breaks For a Walk

The last thing that you want to do is to work every waking hour during the day. There are times that you can take a break especially if you are used to a few less than productive meetings per day. You can even take a meeting during a walk as long as you can record the meeting to take notes. If you have pets, you can schedule walks during the day as these can actually help you become more productive. Burnout is a huge issue for people working remotely so these walks can help you stay in shape while helping you simultaneously. 

Prep Healthy Meals

The ability to make sure that you eat healthy without the temptations of the office is a huge convenience. The office is usually full of soda or other energy drinks along with snacks that are less than healthy. Provided lunch could consist of pizza or pasta as these are the most affordable options. Seeing a nutrition counseling professional can be immensely important and helpful. You might find that a few substitutions in your current recipes will cut calories and not impact the taste of a meal negatively. Working remotely cuts out your commute so use this time to prep meals and potentially get a workout in. 

Do a Dedicated Workout Daily 

Riding your stationary bike or taking walks should be a part of your active daily routine. Daily dedicated workouts like that of going for a swim make all of the difference. The ability to stay active during the day then do an intense weight lifting circuit will let you drive results. You save time due to commutes and could be able to cut back on work time due to being incredibly productive. 

Staying in shape while working remotely might take a bit of an adjustment. You have to force yourself to leave the house at this juncture especially if it means staying active. Use the convenience of remote work to get into the best shape of your life!