How To Start An LLC In Florida

Most of us know the benefits of a Limited Liability Company (LLC). However, incorporating an LLC differs from state to state. Since LLC legislation only affects filings for that particular state, if you’re filing in The Sunshine State, you’ll probably need to know the Florida LLC requirements. LLCs differ significantly from other business entities such as sole proprietorships and partnerships. Investopedia reminds us that LLC members are not responsible for its debts or liabilities. In this article, we’ll do a walkthrough of the significant steps you need to perform to file your documents for an LLC in Florida.

STEP 1: Filing Information

The effective date is the first field you should be aware of. If you’d like the LLC to become effective at another date from when it was filed, you’ll need to fill in this field. The name of the LLC needs to be included as well. In Florida, all LLCs should end with either Limited Liability Company, LLC, or L.L.C. Additionally, the entity’s name should not imply that it’s connected with the government or aligned with any governmental agency.

STEP 2: Principal Place of Business

The complete address of the physical location of your business should fit here. You’re not allowed to use a PO Box address for this place of business. You CAN use a mailing address to receive correspondence that differs from the principal place of business. If you opt for a secondary mailing address, you may use a PO Box here.

STEP 3: Registered Agent

Florida requires a registered agent to act on behalf of the business. While you may be your own registered agent, your address and full name become a matter of public record. Some incorporation companies offer to be the registered agent for their clients for an added fee. If you hire a company to be your registered agent, you cut down significantly on unwanted phone calls and mail.

STEP 4: Correspondence Name and Email Address

All the details of your business will be sent to this address, including certified copies and the status of the filing.

STEP 5: Authorized Personnel

This section lists the people who are authorized to do business on behalf of the company. These include a manager (MGR), one or more Authorized members (AMBR), and one or more Authorized Persons (AP).

STEP 6: Review and Sign

You’re required to go through all the details you’ve completed previously here and fix any problems. This cursory verification will help you get the company registered faster since errors in the documents will require you to refile the information.

STEP 7: Pay and File

You may make the payment by check if you so desire. The state offers you a few options as add-ons. You may pay an additional $30 to get a certified copy of the Articles of Organization, or $5 to get a Certificate of Status for your filing. You don’t need to get these when you file. If you ever need them, you can order them on-demand. You may also submit the forms by mail, but you must include a check or money order payable to the Florida Department of State at:

Registration Section

Florida Division of Corporations

P.O. Box 6327

Tallahassee, FL 32314

Starting an LLC in Florida isn’t such a challenging prospect. It is a bit complicated, but incorporation agents can help you navigate the process for a fee. If you’d like to do it yourself, this handy guide will give you all the required steps to get it done.

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