How to Start a YouTube Channel about Programming

Starting a YouTube channel can be incredibly exciting. If you market your channel in the right way, and continually come up with engaging content, you can begin to build up a loyal following of subscribers who actively watch your content week in, week out.

If you have a passion for programming that you’d like to share with the world, why not start your of YouTube channel for it?

Here are a few top tips on how to get started.

Decide on the purpose of your channel

Before you begin, it’s important to decide on the purpose of your channel. This will determine the type and quantity of your content output. There are two choices that it comes down to:

1) You just want to YouTube for fun, treating your channel as a hobby

2) You’d like this to treat this as a career jump, with hopes of it eventually becoming your main source of income

If it’s option 1) you can simply upload videos as and when you feel like it. These can be about anything you like that’s related to programming. You won’t need to hit certain key points and you can simply create content that you enjoy when you please. If it’s option 2) you may wish to delve into ways you can increase your subscribers and potentially even gain sponsorship deals from tech companies.

Plan your content

In order to give your channel the best chance of success, it’s a good idea to map out weekly content plans. These should cover a range of different programming-related topics that will spark viewers’ interests and encourage them to subscribe. The easiest way to do this is by having a few main pillars of information that you rotate between on regular basis. For example, one week you could focus on a how-to guide teaching programming basics, while the following week could be a fun tutorial on how to build robots. Informational videos on where to buy programming products may also come in handy for those who are new to the world of coding.

Social media

Setting up related accounts across different social media platforms is a great way to promote when you’ve released a new video. You can use Facebook or Instagram stories to share personal video messages with your followers of what’s coming next on your YouTube channel. This is a great way to build real relationships with followers, encouraging loyalty and retention. If you’re looking for a way to engage new people, you can use paid social ads to target exact demographics including specific age groups who have an interest in coding and programming.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.