How to Start a Laser Hair Removal Business

The popularity of laser hair removal has continued to surge over the past few years. In 2017, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery published its annual report on dermatologic procedures which showed a 17 percent increase in cosmetic laser procedures from 2016. With the growing instance of these procedures, there will likely be a higher demand for laser hair removal businesses. 

If you’d like to start a laser hair removal business of your own, there are some important steps to consider in the process.

Develop a business plan

It’s important to take time to visualize your laser hair removal business and ask yourself and your business partners some important questions. What treatments will be offered? How much will the services cost your customers? What type of clientele will you service? In answering these questions, do some research on competing laser hair removal businesses in your area to ensure you can keep up with the competition. These answers will also help you later on when you start marketing your business.

Research the local cosmetic hair removal businesses laws 

In many states, laser hair removal may only be performed by a licensed physician or a nurse under the direct guidance of a physician. For instance, in Illinois, laser hair removal may be carried out only by a physician with a medical license. However, in Louisiana, a non-medical professional is able to conduct the procedure under the direct supervision of a physician.

The last part of developing a business plan is to give your business a name. Make sure your name is clear, memorable, and does not plagiarize the names of other laser hair removal businesses. Let your creativity shine.

Purchase equipment for your laser hair removal procedures. 

You can shop for laser equipment for cosmetic treatments online. Types of lasers and prices should play a role in your purchasing process. It’s important to get the equipment that is best suited to your business and potential clients. Get educated on the types of lasers out there. Some popular types of lasers for hair removal in a spa or salon are IPL, Alexandrite, and Diode. Each provide a different result and are best used for different types of people who may visit your business.

After you purchase your laser equipment, you’ll need to hire staff and any necessary medical professionals for your business. Keep in mind the research you did earlier about your state’s regulations when deciding who you will need to hire. You will also need to invest in training for all your staff and technicians to make sure they know how to use the lasers effectively and safely. Don’t forget about other support staff, too, such as a receptionist to greet customers when they arrive for their appointments. 

Market, market market! 

Make sure your community is aware of your presence by printing promotional materials about your services, creating social media accounts for your business and encouraging your new employees to spread information by word of mouth. You can also consider hosting a grand opening for your laser hair removal business and offering discounted prices for new customers. Make sure you cultivate good relationships with your early supporters. You can grow your customer base through their networks of friends and family.

If you do your research and thoughtfully follow these steps, you should be on your way to growing prominence in the hair removal industry in no time. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.