How to Scale Up Your Software Business With Offshore Partnership

Nowadays, non-tech founders from all over the world use offshoring and outsourcing to develop software businesses. These practices are business-wise and highly rewarding. To make it big in the tech industry, all you need is a bright, visionary idea and a team of experts to code it to life. You come up with the idea and an offshore development company (like TurnKey) will take care of the rest.

Why offshoring?

Offshoring means hiring software development talents from another country. The advantages of offshoring make every software founder consider hiring teams from overseas. If you are a start-up based in New York City and hire top-notch talents from India at a considerably lower cost – congrats! – you are offshoring. 

The main reasons for offshore hiring include:

  1. Lower costs. Founders from highly developed countries access talent pools from Eastern Europe or India, where the labor cost is (way) lower. If you are building a software business where labor costs are the main expense, wouldn’t you prefer hiring from abroad if this would cut your costs twice (at least)? I bet you would.
  2. Tax benefits. Some countries offer tax incentives (like tax breaks) for foreign employers to bring investment inflows into the country. Combined with lower labor costs, that’s a financial jackpot for software founders.
  3. Top-notch talents. The software development field of emerging countries has expert tech talent ready to take on projects and bring their input to scaling them. Offshoring expands your hiring horizons to the entire world and allows you to hire the best professionals out there (wherever they physically maybe).

Finding the right talents

Offshoring is the best way to scale your software business effectively. The challenge, however, is to find the right people to hire for your business. Since your time, money, and results are at stake, you surely want to recruit the best developers. 

Although the virtual marketplace is diverse, finding the right talents is a challenge (almost) every founder faces. Therefore, the smart choice is to partner with an offshore development company (ODC) that can help you hire and integrate the team you need as effectively as possible. 

Partner with experts

TurnKey Labs is such a project. They are devoted to building and scaling remote product development teams easily and effectively. Besides, they assist with the full integration of the team into your business. 

Turnkey Labs developed the concept of Yourshoring, which means building remote development teams entirely around your specific needs, focusing on your objectives, and according to your business rules. They help you recruit a team of developers customized to your business model and emotionally invested in your success. 

Once you find an offshore partner that meets your desired quality and efficiency, you can use this partnership to scale up your business fast.

How to scale up your business with the right partnership? 

There are some key points to successful partnerships with offshore companies which ultimately leads to scaling up your business. 

So let’s dive right into them.

Skill-set boost

Assuming that the product you are building is in your company’s core skill set, integrating a team of external developers adds the value and expertise you couldn’t access otherwise. Therefore, make sure that your offshore partner disposes of talents with the skills you need.

Business continuity

Offshore partnerships (like Turney Labs) imply long-term, ongoing collaborations and that is what you are after. To scale up your business, partner with companies who can assist your ongoing objectives and provide a long-term, devoted team. Besides, aim to partner with those who work on the emotional investment of their talents. This is the best way to ensure that your remote team stay (or should we say work) by your side as long as you need them to. 

Prioritize growth

Since you’re after scaling your business, your offshore partner should prioritize it, too. The partnership itself is a way of scaling your business since it saves you the time, money, and effort required to establish an in-house of experts. An offshore company with a pool of highly skilled talents like TurnKey can help you with these challenges and catapult your software business.

Partner with YOUR success

To skyrocket your business, partner with those dedicated to helping you succeed. In other words, your offshore partner should prioritize reaching your long-term goals and objectives. Instead of looking for development companies with lower rates, search for a mix of competitive costs and first-class expertise. That’s the reason behind offshoring.

Key takeaway

  • Partnering with offshore development companies is essential for skyrocketing a software business.
  • Offshoring ensures skill enhancement, business continuity, and ongoing growth.
  • To successfully scale up your business, partner with an offshore company committed to reaching your long-term objectives.
Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.