How To Save Money And Travel At The Same Time

Travelling can be a fun, exciting, and eye-opening experience but at the same time, it is not always the most cost-efficient dream to have. While traveling can be quite costly, anyone with world experience abroad will tell you that the value you gain from it is worth more than any dollar value can amount to. What is important about that all so relevant dollar value is that you can travel for cheap.

How do you travel for cheap? Well, thanks to the experience of many others and the internet, the information is now widely available for us to learn how to save money while traveling so check out how you can start doing the same!

Combine Education and Travel

One of the smartest ways to save money and travel is to combine it with another purpose to effectively kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Education is becoming much more versatile which allows for students and educators to get or provide quality schooling while experiencing real-world knowledge. Seeing some of the world’s most prominent cities and countries while still learning or working towards an educational goal is evident in the benefits of school trips in London, or even farther around the globe. These trips can provide you a way to study abroad over a long period or go for a short time to save money but still get the most out of your travels in a constructive way.

Travel With a Tour Group

On the note of school trips, traveling in groups has a lot of benefits that might go beyond face value. First of all, it is much safer and more fun to go with a group so you can experience everything with friends, family, or a newly acquainted group of likeminded strangers. Secondly, and one that many people do not realize, is that traveling in groups through a tour guide/travel agency can actually give you deals. These deals can go a long way in allowing you to free up some extra spending money to enjoy leisure activities or start saving for your next trip. Traveling in groups is often preferable because these travel guides will create an organized itinerary that allows you to experience the fun of relaxation and adventure activities without missing out on stuff you might have when traveling alone.

Volunteer Work

While not as glamorous or relaxing as other forms of travel, volunteer work can still allow you to see some really amazing parts of our globe for a much lower cost than other forms of travel. Volunteer work is a cheaper alternative than casual travel because you are obviously going somewhere to help out the locals. This is a big deal for a lot of people because it gives the travel a sense of purpose and allows you to go help out and commit to making the change in the world. This is certainly a noble way to give yourself the freedom to see the world and is definitely something to consider when you plan on traveling.

Work Abroad Programs

Much like a study abroad/student exchange program, you can go see the world without really worrying about missing out on becoming accustomed to the local area. Work abroad programs put you into a situation where you can quickly make friends and feel at home with one very important added bonus – you get paid. Working abroad has the huge benefit of giving you the ability to go live somewhere new while not worrying about money because you are making a living while working there. Of course, you will not be earning a major salary, you will have plenty to afford food and drink and other fun activities. In most cases, your room and board will be covered by the program you are working for too. These work abroad programs can let you go to some pretty far off places like Australia, which is a big bucket list location for many travelers who cannot quite afford it, so this could be your chance to go down under.

Other Tricks For Cheap Travel

Traveling is no different than many other services or products. A lot of the ways people save money is by playing it like a game. This can include tricks like last-minute deals on flights. Airlines do not always fill up their seats and need to sell those tickets fast and you can scoop up cheap flights to a whole host of destinations. Other tricks include travel reward programs through your credit card company or other travel reward program that gives you miles for purchases. You can also try to find somewhere to stay for free in exchange for simple labor work.

Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have and people who have done their fair share of it can attest to that. The problem for many of us is that travel is certainly not always cheap. However, with these options, you can potentially visit your dream destination without breaking the bank too.

Dorian Koci

Dr. Dorian Koçi is a historian, Director of National Historical Museum of Albania and lecturer in Tirana State University, Faculty of History and Philology and New York University of Tirana.