How To Run A Great Bulk Email Campaign That Works

Around 306 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2020, and this number is only increasing as time passes.

So it’s safe to say that emails are one of the most robust and widely used communication channels, which makes them great for carrying out marketing strategies.

Bulk email software facilitates this marketing approach, allowing advertisers to send a targeted email to prospective customers and encourage them to do business with you.

Read ahead to find out how you can run an excellent bulk email campaign that converts leads to customers.

1. Create a Standout Layout

A highly aesthetic email copy leaves a good impression on your readers and encourages them to read the email all the way through.

More importantly, the layout should be feasible by supporting readability on different gadgets.

Since people nowadays are on their phones most of the time, 85% of smartphone users access their emails through their mobile devices. As a result, your email layout should be compatible with their phone screens.

Make sure you alter your content to fit the phone format. For example, insert limited images, use a short subject line, and use appropriately sized CTA buttons.

2. Tracking Metrics

One of the best ways to understand how your email campaign is performing is by tracking email metrics. For instance, if you know your target audience and what they expect from you, you can create and curate more focused content. Additionally, you can determine where you can improve your efforts.

Track email metrics daily to note down their open response and unsubscribe rates. This allows you to focus on those who interact with your email and determine its extent.

Furthermore, the feedback you get from the email metrics allows you to plan your future marketing strategies and alter them accordingly.

3. Personalize With Mail Merge

Mail merge is a great way to minimize your marketing efforts and improve productivity.

Using personalized subject lines improves the open rate by 50%. In addition, mail merge allows you to use one email template to form a bulk list with personalized emails. This helps you send a single email to thousands in your contact list with CTAs and personalized messages.

Mail merge helps you personalize:

  • The Subject Line: Make the email super personal with the receiver’s first name
  • Email Body: Maintain consistency in your email that reads as if it is written for one person (using their name) instead of a large group
  • CTAs: Add personalized CTA buttons using individual names or a phrase like “Your offer is ready” to encourage them to take some action

4. Take Your IP Address into Account

While it might seem like a good idea to send emails from a personal ID to achieve the personalization criteria, it can backfire. So instead, it is best to use a dedicated email ID for your bulk email campaign.

As you prepare to send your bulk of emails, make sure you warm up the IP address first. This means you create a reputation for your IP address as being legitimate with ISPs.

There are a few ways you can do:

  • Use the new email to send around ten to twenty individual emails
  • Start with conversational emails to your colleagues and friends
  • Instantly take out bounced emails
  • Target your most engaged and active subscribers

5. Check Spam Triggers

Email service providers can sometimes mark specific phrases or keywords as red flags. These are spam triggers that cause an email to be labeled as spam or promotional if they are present in the email body or subject line.

Apart from content, many links in your email can also get it spammed. So here are a few more things you need to check to avoid getting your email labeled as spam.

  • Media files
  • Many promotional links
  • Content containing spam triggers

There is not specific spam triggers list as it varies from one industry to another. For instance, in ecommerce, the trigger words could be shopper, clearance, order, etc. At the same time, employment emails could have extra income, money-making, additional income, online business opportunity, income from home, etc.

All you have to do detailed research of spam trigger words relevant to your industry to ensure your email doesn’t contain them.


Emails are essential to target potential leads and encourage them to do business with you. With the right email tactics such as bulk email marketing, you can ensure you reach out to your maximum target audience cost-effectively.

However, if you want a campaign that actually works, you need careful planning, research, and implementation. Check which strategies work in your case and design a campaign around it to facilitate your bulk email sending process.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.