How To Remove Vocal From Video – Limited Time Free

Introduction To UniConverter

UniConverter is a complete tool for converting, editing, transferring and burning videos, audio and photos. It was formerly known as WonderShare Video Converter. Its basic purpose is editing and converting videos. There is also a DVD menu template which makes the video look more attractive and unique. You can convert files in different combinations of formats very easily and quickly. It works very effectively. It’s a multi-functional integrated video tool software including video conversion, download, compression, screen recording and much more. 

There are also several other tools like changing audio, watermarks, trim videos, contrast, changing brightness and many more. Even without a third-party recorder, one can record video and audio clips. Wondershare UniConverter is the best app for anyone in becoming a pro at editing videos and audio. However, this article is mainly to introduce you to how to remove vocals from videos online and offline. 


How To Remove Vocals From Video

Removing vocals from a video was never this easy before. UniConverter has made this task much simpler and easier. Al audio function tool delivers a result for the user for Artificial intelligence which is used in an expertly created user interface. Although the original quality remains the same the output result is stimulated in seconds. 

So here are some simple steps to follow for removing vocals from the video using UniConverter. 

Step1: Launch The Vocal Remover And Add The Song

For removing voice from a video first, you need to install a vocal remover in UniConverter on your device. After completing the installation process open it. You will find a +File icon, tap on it or simply drag and drop on the file which you want to add. This will let you add audio/video files. 

Step2: Start Analysing The Song

The audio file you imported with artificial intelligence will be automatically analyzed by the vocal remover. 

Step3: Remove Vocals And Export The File(s) 

Once the analysis is complete you can see two different tracks on your screen. Out of which one will only have vocals and the other will be without vocals. It’s also known as the karaoke version of the song. Click on the export button next to the audio track to save the karaoke or instrument track or vocals. 


How To Remove Vocals is another very effective and popular app for removing vocals. It’s a tool for converting and editing your audio and video. You can generate auto subtitles, music templates, and effects, apply engaging text and many more. It lets you convert the audio for free. There are many different formats like MP3, MP4, M4A, WAV, OGG, FLAC and more. 

So let’s discuss the steps to remove vocals from

Step1: Upload Audio/Video File

First, you need to install on your device from any app store. After you get the app tap on it to open it. You will see a Choose File button in the up corner. Choose the song you want to upload and click on the Choose button or upload it directly from any online storage site. 

Step2: Remove Vocal From Music

In the second step, the song will be removed automatically from the video through artificial intelligence in just a few seconds. 

Step3: Download Instrumental Music

You will see the changes in a pop-up form. For saving the changes preview and save the extracted karaoke instrumental track or vocal track. 

Pros And Cons Of UniConverter And



One-Step Process

It’s very easy to use the UniConverter and It takes only a single step to edit, create and change the audio. There is nothing much to do for creating your customized video. Due to this, you can save time too. 

AI Capabilities Embedded

The artificial intelligence of UniConverter and is very advanced. It is highly trained to accept the same audio as the original audio of the video. They are very reliable and professional apps. 

Incredible Audio Quality

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the audio while editing the video. These apps provide the highest quality of audio. It’s very clear and fine. The original quality of the audio is guaranteed. 

Multiple Scenarios Covered

For relaxing you can use soft karaoke-style music. You can also use these kinds of music for meditation, study, sleep and concentration. You can also use these apps during the festive season, birthdays, wedding ceremonies etc. They are free video conversion apps so you can make your songs and videos for free. 

More Than Vocal Cleaner

The UniConverter and are not only used for voice removal. They are multi-tasking apps. You can also edit, convert and burn the videos and audio. 

Free (Limited Time Free In UniConverter) 

The UniConverter is a free video converter app for a limited time. After installing this app you can use it for free for a limited time. 


Online Tools Are Limited By Internet Speed

These are online apps which means if your internet speed is fast you will experience very fast working while if the internet speed is slow they will also work very slowly. It will consume a lot of time and it’s annoying. 


UniConverter app is a full package for customising your video and audio. You can edit, convert, burn, add filters and many more to make your video look more attractive and unique. You can even change Or remove the vocal of the video. is another interesting app for making your video and audio special and beautiful. You can edit, change Or remove the video and audio as per your need.


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