How to Produce Videos for Your Business

Creative and high-quality videos are important to the success of businesses and their marketing strategies. Consumers love video content and, nowadays, there are billions of videos being watched every day by Internet users on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other platforms. Businesses can communicate their messages to potential customers and generate great returns on their investment in no time. Quality videos, however, are not easy to make. Many companies do not have in-house teams to produce their videos or the financial capabilities to outsource their video productions. Fortunately, with the right equipment and planning, you can produce video content for your business without expensive and sophisticated equipment or expensive technical personnel. In this article, we will lay out the simple steps you need to follow to create quality videos for your business.

Plan your Video

Every video needs to have a purpose and this purpose will depend on your goals and targets. For instance, a video to promote your products and convert potential leads into sales will be different from a company culture video. Therefore, clearly identify your goals first to make a script that aligns with them. Finalize major points and details such as shooting locations and timelines to make a production timeline. A production timeline can make sure that every team member is on the same page and your video progress can be tracked. 

Stage the Production

In modern business media, it is crucial to make sure that your video looks professional. Film your video in an environment with proper lighting and low background noise. Be sure to have steady images and clear visuals with qualified equipment operators that fit your budget and needs. Here are our suggestions regarding your choices of cameras, tripod and stabilizer, external microphones and lightning:


A proper lighting setup can significantly enhance the light quality of your shoots regardless of your shooting location and the quality of your cameras. There are various lighting options but the most popular are softbox lighting, umbrella lights and ring lights. Softbox can add lighting without creating intense shadows whilst umbrella lights are good for on-location video shoots and backdrops. 

The ring light is a popular choice because not only it helps enhance lightning quality without harsh shadows or lightning, but it also diffuses lightning to make the filmed subjects look more engaging and attractive. It is important when choosing the best video ring light to consider your filming location because that will determine the brightness that you need. Ring lights are highly recommended as they produce extra lightning and eliminate shadows due to their ring shape. There is a range of ring lights available online so do a little research.

Choose Your Camera

A good camera is the most important piece of equipment when making a video for your business. Choose your camera based on your budget and the type of shooting you are intending to do. It is important to choose your camera based on your budget and the type of video content you plan on creating. There are various types of cameras that you can choose from such as camcorders, webcams, mirrorless cameras, action cameras and DSLRs. Remember, the most expensive camera might not be the best choice for you. Do your research to make sure that you are not wasting money unnecessarily.

Prepare a Tripod/ Gimbal Stabilizer

A tripod or gimbal stabilizer is necessary equipment to keep your visuals steady, clear and professional. Depending on the type of shoot, you can pick either a tripod or a gimbal stabilizer to maximize your production value. Tripods are typically more affordable and choosing the right tripod will depend on how much your camera weighs. It is recommended that you should pick a reliable tripod to make sure your camera is safe. Gimbal stabilizers can balance your camera and avoid shakiness in your videos even with movement. This can be helpful when shooting on the move with lightweight cameras.

External Microphone

Sound quality can greatly affect the overall quality of your videos. Built-in microphones might not be able to record high-quality sound or reduce ambient sounds as well as a quality external microphone. There are various types of microphones such as USB microphones, shotgun microphones, condenser microphones and lapel microphones. Keep in mind that each of these microphones has its own set of advantages and disadvantages so make sure to get the one that is best suited for your needs.


Once you have all the footage, great video editing software is crucial for your post-production. By eliminating unwanted footage, modifying your videos with tools and editing options such as video trimming, special effects and animations, your video will appear more professional and will be far more effective in promoting your business, training your staff, informing your customers of new products, or whatever purpose the video has.

Videos have changed the world of content marketing and are transforming the ways that businesses can reach their customers. The benefits of having professionally produced business videos are enormous and can significantly boost your profits. Follow this guide and you can create high-quality videos for your business and take your company to the next level.

Chris Z