Ways to Lower Electric Bills in the Office

You spend a lot of money running a company. The overhead costs will continue increasing as the business expands. The electric bill could make up a considerable portion of your monthly expenses. If you have dozens of employees working in the same area, an AC unit is necessary. It’s even more vital during the summer when it gets too hot. If you need to use commercial air conditioners but hate paying a lot for electricity, these tips will help you.

Find the right office space

Selecting the perfect office area might help. Look for a place where there are lots of trees in the area. The presence of trees helps keep the temperature low. They reduce the need to turn your AC on all the time. Apart from lowering the temperature, the presence of trees could also make the workplace more relaxing. Your employees will appreciate working in this type of environment. 

Invest in curtains and blinds 

The temperature outdoors during summer could be too high. The best way to prevent it from entering your place is by using curtains and blinds. Solar screens and mesh-like screens could also help. You won’t need to use the AC all the time if you have covers for the windows. Maintaining the temperature inside the room is easy. These screens also serve another purpose, and it is to block pests from entering the office. 

Check the area for leaks

If you’ve been using the same office space for a while, you might realize that your electric bills keep rising. Even if you use the AC for around the same time, the electric bill still soars. It could be due to leaks in the area. Check the roof for possible holes. You can also look at cracks in the walls and floors. Seal these cracks to prevent cold air from getting out. Maintaining the temperature inside is easier when you solve this issue. You can also invest in a door that automatically shuts. Due to the number of employees entering and leaving the office, some of them might forget to close the door. 

Replace the AC systems

You might have been using the AC in the office for several years. After ten years, the appliance becomes inefficient. Replacing it might be necessary. You can repair the damaged parts, but the recurring issues might cost you a lot. Ask an expert to assess the AC in the office and see if replacing it is the right option. You can find modern AC systems that are more efficient and use less energy. Ask for help from experts in air conditioning in Surrey if you wish to replace the old air conditioners. 

Use a smart thermostat

The good thing about a smart thermostat is that it automatically adjusts the setting depending on the room requirements. The temperature increases if the room is already cold enough. You don’t have to ask your employees to keep adjusting the temperature to save energy. When no one is in the office, the AC systems automatically stop working.

These changes are crucial in lowering electric bills. Given the amount you spend on operating expenses, it helps if you can find ways to save costs. 

Cyndy Lane

Cyndy is business journalist with a focus on entrepreneurship and small business. With over a decade of experience covering the startup and small business landscape, Cyndy has a reputation for being a knowledgeable, insightful and approachable journalist. She has a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing small business owners and is able to explain them in a way that is relatable and actionable for her readers.