How to Own a Tea Company with Private Label Companies in 2020

Want to start your own tea company? It’s difficult. If you are really interested, look for more information. You need to be able to properly source your product and brand it. But there is another option: private label tea companies. What these companies do is they:

  • Import
  • Blend
  • Package

They do everything, but they also sell tea to other companies. The idea is simple: you buy the tea with the right to brand it as your own and sell it. When you purchase the tea and rebrand it, it’s your own. You have the right to sell it to your local café or a gourmet spa that offers their clients tea after a massage.

You’ll be completely reliant on the seller to keep their quality up to your standards and to source the product properly.

The key is to find a company that has been in business for a long time.

But there is a key distinction between white label and private label.

  • White Label is taking someone’s product and rebranding it as your own, but the product is developed and controlled by the seller.
  • Private Label is when you contract with a manufacturer, and the product is produced to your specifications.

When you’re using a private label company, they do all of the hard work, which you pay them for, but you gain more control over your product.

The product is unique, so the private label company cannot sell the same exact blend that you’re offering.

The Work of Private Label Tea Companies

What will the private label tea company offer you? What is their job? Their job is to offer you:

  • Blends. Private label companies will offer you a variety of different tea blends.
  • Packaging. Based off of your specifications and requirements, the packing of the product will be done completely by the private label company.
  • Branding. All of the branding, including the graphics and design, can be applied to the tea bags or containers.

The Authenticity and Originality of Private Label Companies

Every product needs to be authentic and original, and this is what private label companies offer. You pay an additional fee, and they may even include:

It’s the small, little things that make your product authentic.

Customization of Private Label Tea Companies

Private label companies are often able to customize all of your branding element, and this can be your:

  • Colors
  • Copy
  • Logo
  • Images

You can also have all of these elements created and sent to the company by your own designer. The company will then send a proof to you when it’s all completed for your approval.

Why Private Label Tea Companies Are Becoming Popular

Tea is a major business, and one reason for that is that the world is becoming more aware of their health. People want to be healthier, and tea has so many health benefits that it’s almost impossible to ignore.

When you drink tea, it offers:

  • Endurance boost when exercising
  • Green tea has catechins, which burn body fat
  • Tea can reduce the risk of a heart attack
  • Tea has been linked to protecting against cardiovascular disease
  • Antioxidants in tea protect against cancer and diseases
  • The antioxidants in tea will help fight against free radicals
  • Tea may help your skin stay vibrant

Private label tea companies are helping would-be tea company owners make their dream a reality. With a little effort, a person can turn their idea of starting their own tea brand into reality with their own packaging, tea blend and product. There’s no need for working with multiple suppliers or companies either – the private label company does it all. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your tea-related needs.


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