How to Market Your Business as a Green Company

Going green can be great for your company’s reputation. Many consumers are aware of today’s environmental issues, and they do business accordingly. Before you dive into the green movement, make sure you are positioning yourself for optimum results. The following will help you begin marketing your business as green.


  • Check Your Demographic


Make sure your demographic will perceive a green message as a positive one. Is this something that they are interested in and feel passionate about? There may be instances where green is perceived as a negative thing.

For example, executives at Trump’s Bardessono luxury hotel in California boasted its platinum status awarded by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. It was one of only two of its kind in the United States, and its marketing reflected that.

While that sounds good to people interested in eco-friendly businesses, it was off-putting for the hotel’s target demographic. These patrons expected luxury and perceived the green message as meaning uncomfortable, sparse, and limited.

Don’t assume everyone will appreciate a straightforward green message. Instead, tailor the approach to the expectations of your potential customers. Show them that you are green and provide what they want.


  • Make It Part of Company Cultural


If you are serious about positioning yourself as green, then it should become a part of your company culture. Work the message into mission statements and goals and promote it at all levels. 

If it isn’t ingrained in who you are, consumers will notice. Show that your brand is fully committed if you want to connect to an eco-minded audience.


  • Get Involved with the Green Movement


Join community events and show that you are active in the green movement. Support related charities and initiatives. It’s also a great way to network with other business owners.

Encourage employees to join in with incentives. You can assign a mandatory day each quarter that everyone can use to go out and participate as a group. It shows a united front and can strengthen bonds between workers.

Don’t forget to take pictures and videos to share on social media. It gets people talking about your business and shows those who couldn’t attend that you are actively participating. You can also use a charitable donation to encourage sales. Set up a donation drive online and promise to contribute a percentage or amount per dollar donated to a charity. 


  • Be Honest and Transparent


If you want to earn sales from green consumers, then you must be honest and transparent. Pretending to be environmentally friendly will eventually backfire. Media outlets and consumers pick up on dishonesty and will share it with others. This can damage your reputation in a way that will be very difficult to repair.

Instead, define what you consider “going green” and live up to those standards. Show that you are trustworthy, socially responsible, and committed to the cause.

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Dorian Koci

Dr. Dorian Koçi is a historian, Director of National Historical Museum of Albania and lecturer in Tirana State University, Faculty of History and Philology and New York University of Tirana.