How to make moving easy

Shifting from one place to another and for any reason can be a tedious and taxing task. Moving may seem easy, but when you start the process, you will come across so many things that it may feel like hell lot of job to be completed. Then the most important thing you would look for – the tips that will help you to make moving easy.

One of the many things of moving is shortlisting the shifting company whom you can trust and handover all your goods and luggage for transferring. Moreover, you may look for state to state moving companies when you are shifting from one state to another. It will make your journey to a new place simple.

The following tips will help you to make your moving day easier while shifting:

• Make a plan beforehand to make shifting smooth which may include jotting down how much time you have, how long will it take to pack all your goods, shortlisting of products which you may not require and can sell them off before leaving, and accordingly create a schedule for all the work to be completed along with a deadline.

• Do not pack everything you have in your home. Find out which all products and goods you may require and pack them accordingly. It will be useless to carry goods which are not required at all, or you may purchase them at the new location which can be less costly.

• Do not throw any chargers or cables while you shortlist. It is better to be safe than sorry. Take a carton and pack all the chargers so that you can match up when you unpack all the wires and cable. It will help you to keep your machines in working condition or otherwise you may need to purchase one if you miss out any cable at your old house.

• Some things are called primary goods like paste, toilet papers, bedsheet, pillows, chargers, eyeglass, contact lens solutions, to name a few. You should organize then in a separate box and label it with ‘open me first’. So that you know, these are the things required on the first night at your new place and it will keep you less tensed.

• Keep your all necessary papers, documents, and assets with you so that you can use them till the time your truck reaches you over time. It may take a couple of days to arrive at your new destination. You may require all your papers and documents as soon as you reach while applying personal connections.

• Always try to label all the boxes as per rooms or goods kept in it. That you help you to unbox at your new house without messing up everything. You can look for kitchen utensils and open the respective box if you label it otherwise you may end up searching for a couple of more boxes. Therefore, labelling the boxes is a crucial part of shifting.

• Take photos or make videos while you are taking your furniture apart so that when you unbox or unpack them, you can match the products. It will help you to find out whether there’s any new damage that has taken place due to the transporters handling issues.

• Use towels and blankets instead of bubble wrappers for packing breakables. This will give them extra safety while transporting your goods. Bubble wraps are not 100% proven ways for unbreakable items.

These are a couple of ways you may follow to make your shifting from one state to another state easier. Do not take the task to be easy if you are first time movers. It may drench all your energy and may you stay tired.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.