How to Link Facebook and Instagram for Better Brand Reach

All social media platforms are playing an essential role in the growth of different businesses. As social media platforms majorly assist in boosting brand recognition.

As the number of viewers increased over time, Facebook and Instagram are considered the most reliable and famous social media platforms among others due to the massive response of their audience.

Linking Facebook and Instagram is profitable. It happens occasionally when you post something on Instagram and receive less response than you expected. And find that Facebook has more potential to post such kinds of posts. Then you rushed to post it on your Facebook account. But if your Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked, you can post and schedule content on both platforms at the same time. 

So, if you are a business and want to grow your business on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can buy Instagram followers, and likewise for Facebook. However, it is pertinent to ensure that employ different strategies to grow your business on social media platforms. Because a business account gives you some additional benefits over a simpler one. Then link your business Facebook account to your Instagram account for maximum benefit.

But the question arises here: what are the benefits of linking a Facebook account and an Instagram account?

The answer is that linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts will increase the reach of your business. The audiences on both platforms can view and engage with your content. Also, it will be easier for the audience to approach your brand or business on both platforms.

Now, explore with us that what are the other advantages you can avail of by linking to Facebook and Instagram.

Benefits of linking Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Here we have listed some of the most crucial benefits of linking Facebook and Instagram. Because linking both social media platforms can help you to achieve better results in a short time.

1.   Time-Saver

Many third-party tools allow you to manage and schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

However, Facebook does provide one notable advantage: the ability to easily access and respond to your Instagram Direct Messages while remaining on your Facebook page.

Isn’t it a time-saving option? Absolutely, Yes.

2.      Execute more Smart Marketing Initiatives

You may start advertising campaigns on both social media platforms at once, starting with Facebook. You may fine-tune every little element when it comes to audience segmentation and other factors like budget, targeting, formats, and where you want your advertisements to appear by using Facebook’s Business Manager (a free tool that can help you carry out the company’s marketing operations more efficiently). When it comes to campaign effectiveness analytics, Facebook offers much more detailed data than Instagram by itself. Thus, connecting both social media accounts will increase the number of viewers who view your content and advertisements.

3.   Increase your Brand/ or business’s Recognition

Linking both social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) can help you increase your brand’s recognition in a short amount of time. When the audience from both platforms visits your brand’s or business’s website, the number of views automatically increases.

But on the other hand, if you are using a single platform, for instance, only Instagram, your brand recognition may be low.

So, you must take full advantage of the power of social media platforms for your business and link your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How to Link Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Now, that you know the perks of linking both social media platforms If you wish to connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts, this part of the article is the perfect fit for you.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to integrate both accounts.

1.       Go to your Facebook account and click on the three lines on the bottom right of the page.

2.       Click on the ‘Pages’ option.

3.       Facebook will view all of the pages you manage. Tap on the page you want to link to and click on “settings.”

4.       In the setting option, select Instagram.

5.       Facebook will show your Instagram profile. Click on the profile and follow the next steps.

Takeaway: One important thing to ensure is that you are the admin of that Facebook page you want to link with your Instagram account.

Wrap Up

In a world full of competition, where every business tries to make its presence on all social media platforms. It is of no use to stick to only one social media platform, especially as a business. You should have a presence on all social media platforms to increase the reach of your business. You can employ different strategies to increase your brand’s recognition. Also, a business can use ExploreIG for private Instagram profile downloader to know their audience.

This article is the best to know why linking Facebook and Instagram can help for increasing the reach of a business.


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