How to Lay Down Your Video Marketing Strategy in NYC

About 79% of the people in New York use internet-enabled mobile devices to shop online. The Social Media Marketing Industry reports that video content is shared 67% more than blogs or other online marketing ads. 

A report says 85% of the businesses now use videos for marketing their products or services. Various video production companies in NYC focus on real, raw, and gritty content to market them.

Ideally, the strategies to market the products online through videos differ from product to product. But including videos on your landing pages increases the conversion rate by 80%, and additionally, 92% of the mobile video consumers share the engaging videos rapidly with other users. It is a potent tool to reach your target audience.

Now, let’s look at a few significant things that make video marketing strategy convincing and influential.

Maintain a Publishing Time-table

Create video content that characters want and love to see. To publish content, conduct research on how to make engaging videos related to your products or services.

Many people in NYC keep looking forward to watching new videos on YouTube channels like NYC Rocks that run different videos on adventure travels, best vacation destinations, cruise travels, etc. 

For successful campaigning using these video channels, maintain a posting schedule, and keep the viewers informed about it. As more people share and subscribe to your content, more traffic will be driven to your website.

Focus on Developing Informative Videos

An article reports that the most searched topics online in NYC are real-life stories, documentaries, extra-terrestrial lives, and reality shows. It indicates that people in NYC prefer watching informative videos. So, develop content based on real-life incidents that you can relate to your products.

Additionally, add tutorials or demos that describe how to use your products. Videos in graphical format or animated format are the most engaging ones. It helps demonstrate how to use your products and address the queries if the users had any.

Encourage User-generated Content

Many video production companies in NYC emphasize incorporating content in the marketing videos generated by the customers. Ask your users to make videos while using your products and share them online. People love to see themselves in videos, and there is a high possibility that they will share it with their friends and relatives.

You must also post these videos on your social profiles and official websites. This unique video marketing strategy will boost your reach and augment the exposure of your brand.

Include CTA for Prompt Sales

The videos you put out must contain CTA (call-to-action), instigating the customers to take immediate action. It will increase the chances of sales by 85% if you encourage a prompt response.

In 2019, the retail eCommerce business made $343.15 billion in the US. The reason for such substantial success in the online retail business is because many online retailers mention CTA buttons at desired places on their websites. Make your videos appealing and specify CTA in your videos to make the viewers take action.

Don’t Forget SEO

The New York Times reports, in 2019, over 1.5 million Amazon packages were delivered in NYC daily. The products, services, or sites that are searched more over the internet are ranked on top of the search engine pages. Amazon also works on these similar lines; it offers more discounts on the goods sold at a faster rate. It garners more attention from the customers.

Likewise, make use of keywords that are searched more online. Make use of free online tools to find the keywords that are relevant to your business. Optimize your videos for SEO by adding long-tail keywords, inserting a short description, and tagging your video on YouTube.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.