How To Get The Most Out Of Your Business Cell

It is hard to remember a time without everyone having a trusted cell phone in their pocket: the answer to so many queries, being constantly to hand and being contactable whenever and wherever you are. We offer advice on getting the most out of your cell phone, addressing the three Ps: professionalism, promotion and productivity.


The first step towards ensuring you appear professional is use a different cell phone for personal use to the one you use for business. Imagine the embarrassment if an inappropriate text flashed up on the screen while you were showing something to a customer. It’s simply not worth the risk.

The image of you being out and about, sending work emails from the restroom or while you’re waiting in line in the local cash and carry, probably isn’t something you wish all your clients to have about you. Make sure you change the automatic email signature on your cell, so it does not reveal ‘Sent from my iPhone’. It is very simple to change and will certainly give off an air of proficiency.

If you will be conducting business in a variety of locations, it’s worth considering a VPN. Make sure you research thoroughly in order to find out which product will best suit your needs. It is vital that you ensure data, both your own and that of customers (potential or existing), is sufficiently protected; a VPN could well be the perfect solution.


There are many ways to create promotional materials using your phone. Use the camera to take photos for use on Instagram. Choose the ‘square’ option and consider what you are snapping away at as to whether or not it fits the brand you’re trying to sell. Some apps allow you to add your logo and slogans to visuals too; it’s worth considering to prevent things being ‘stolen’ and passed off as someone else’s.

It’s also possible to create videos on your cell to create YouTube marketing. Video footage is a great way of engaging potential customers. There are many apps, which can help to edit the footage too, adding special effects and text to make a great impact.


Using your cell for business can help to boost productivity. If you commute or travel via public transport a lot as part of your work, having your cell phone with you at all times means that isn’t lost time. You can catch up with emails, get ahead and read important documents, research an upcoming project… the possibilities are endless.

What’s more, it makes it easy for employees to contact each other when one’s in the office and the other’s on the go. If one has a query about a piece of work, it’s so simple to send a screenshot and add a question to it to clarify what the next steps are.

Of course, being contactable at all times can mean an interrupted work flow, so it is important to use features such as ‘do not disturb’ when necessary.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.