How to Get Clients In Real Estate

People dream of being homeowners and as a real estate agent, you’re selling people a dream, not just property. However, getting people to buy is not an easy task. Regardless of whether you’re a novice real estate agent or have years of experience in the industry, there will come a time where you’re going to be looking for clients expeditiously.

To get clients, you need to implement various techniques and approaches so you can convince them to make a purchase. Some of these strategies are not easy and will require you to dedicate a lot of effort into making them work. 

Here’s what you need to do to get clients in the real estate business. 

Utilize Referrals

You’d be surprised how many big-time real estate agents use referrals to generate leads. Try and create a real estate agent referral network from previous clients as well as fellow real estate agents. People seem to trust referrals from people they trust such as friends or professional associates. 

Host Open House Tours

If you’re a real agent who’s just starting out in the business, you need to consider hosting open houses. This will be a great way of exposing you to what the work involves as you will gain first-hand experience of what people look for while house hunting. 

This will also give you the opportunity to establish yourself as an industry professional since you will meet a lot of prospective buyers in the process.  

Embrace Digital Marketing

Ignoring the power of digital marketing in this era of social media is a grave mistake you should not make if you want to get more clients. Google has reported that search queries related to the real estate industry have gone up by a whopping 250%. Over 90% of home buyers use the search engine to search for houses so investing in Google Ads is a good place to start.   


Paying for social media ads is also something you need to look at considering how many people log in to social media platforms every single day. Create digital marketing campaigns to market your brand and make sure you take advantage of social media’s geo-targeting capabilities. This will enable you to target your ads to certain areas where you are highly likely to get potential clients

Make Videos of the Property

Recording property videos is a good technique that should give you an edge over your competitors who are not utilizing video as a sales tool. The thing about real-estate videos is that they are very easy to make. In fact, the shorter and more direct your videos, the better.  

Use these videos on your social media platforms and your site so potential clients can easily access them when needed. 

Is It Closure You’re Looking For

The sales cycle in the real estate business is usually about 90 days but the tips highlighted above can help your sales cycle move much faster. They will help you increase your client base and establish yourself as a professional in a rather competitive industry. Make sure you implement them as advised for the best results. 

Chris Z