How To Get Backlinks That Will Wipe Out Your Competitors

It’s not easy promoting a business on the internet. Some owners love building products or carrying out a service, but marketing them is a different story. If you learn how to build good backlinks, it will change everything.

Google will send thousands of visitors to your website every month. If you’re lucky, you could get hundreds of thousands of visitors. Let’s look at a few ways you should get started if you want lots of success.

1. Teaching College Students

If you have skills in a particular field, you should offer to teach college students for free. Find out which ones have access to websites at a college. If they don’t have direct access, they might know someone who does.

When you give them a little of your time, they’ll be able to help you get a link on the college website. They’ll be able to share your site with their friends too. It’s great because it won’t cost them anything.

2. Start Responding To Emails

You probably get emails from people asking for a backlink. Maybe they’ll ask if they can write a guest post on your website. The majority of business owners won’t even open those emails because they don’t want a guest post.

It might be worth telling those people you’ll give them a link inside one of your old posts for a price. If they get a link from your website, they must link to you in a guest post they get published on another site.

3. Building Out A Second Site

If you have a good website about fire control panels, you wouldn’t want to do lots of link exchanges. When you’re linking to everyone who links to you, it’s going to annoy Google, and you might eventually get a penalty.

Build out a second website on the same topic. When someone asks you for a link, tell them you’ll link to their website from your second site that also has good DA. They should link to your primary site if they want the link.

4. Offering A Product For Help

Everyone who visits your website would appreciate a product for free. It’s going to be different depending on which industry you’re in, but a fitness site could offer customers an ebook with cool workouts.

Instead of selling the ebook on your website, give it away for free. Ask customers to share a link to your website somewhere on the internet first. If they send you proof, you can send them the ebook over email.

5. Building A Helpful Community

It’s a good idea to build out a helpful community using a social media platform. YouTube and Facebook are probably the best ones out there. It’s easy to acquire a following of people who love all your content.

Once you’ve built the community and earned their trust, you’ll be able to start asking them for favors. Don’t be afraid to ask them to build backlinks for you. Some people will be able to build you very strong links.

Don’t Wait For Traffic To Come

Don’t sit around waiting for people to find your website. If you follow these tips, you’ll generate lots of traffic from Google.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.