How to Ensure Your Office Impresses Clients When They Visit

Clients come to visit the office far less than in the past due to communication being seamless over text or email. Putting your best foot forward can be all about appearances. A large company might not want to work with a smaller company that doesn’t have time or money to put into their office. Clients do differ depending on industry and businesses like a digital marketing agency can have a wide array of clients. There are even going to be clients that observe the energy in the office. A dead office void of communication or enthusiasm doesn’t provide confidence in a potential client. The following are tips to help impress clients when they visit with your office space.

Renovate Your Office/Landscaping

The office being renovated can be done in budget-friendly ways. A small aspect like refinishing the floors can give the appearance of new renovations without the large financial output. Landscaping in the appropriate manner can allow your building/office to look great from the outside. Small details like landscaping might not seem like a huge deal but clients put value in different aspects of a company they will be working with. Customers that come into the office frequently should be impressed with the space as it gives the impression of being a legitimate business. Landscaping companies can be an affordable investment that gives your office the curb appeal you desire.  

Weekly Staff Cleanings

The staff needs to keep the office clean which can be a huge issue. Larger offices can accumulate trash and other garbage if people do not take personal responsibility for their area. Enlisting the help of staff to do a weekly cleaning of the office is essential. Professionals should come do deep cleanings regularly though as staff cleanings cannot replace these. Cleanups on the day clients are coming can be a great allocation of time even if it is just a few minutes per staff member.

Dress to Impress When Clients are Visiting

Dressing to impress does not have to happen daily. Big clients do not come in all of the time so a dress code is overzealous. The people meeting with the client should dress to impress as all clients are important. Underdressing can be an issue as a client might not feel like they are being taken seriously. Clients can also be mirrored in their attire if you have had a meeting with them in the past.

Virtual Offices Might be an Option

Today’s world is full of businesses that have staff that works remotely. These offices can be used when clients visit and quality conference rooms for pitches/presentations. These spaces are going to be as clean as possible and will not cost you monthly rent like a traditional office space. The appearance of having extra staff can also be a huge help for those smaller companies.

Clients will not all be impressed with your office space. The goal should be to have not have your office space give a client a reason not to enter into a business relationship.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.