How to Enhance Your Customer Acquisition Approach

What is Customer Acquisition?

Customer acquisition: it’s all in the name. In general, it’s the way your business approaches the process of enticing new customers to make a purchase from your company. Customer acquisition is one of the key steps to building a successful brand, as there are no profits without customers. Customer acquisition is often considered as the first hurdle for many businesses, however in order to grow your brand, it’s essential that you keep your customer acquisition approach consistent. It’s an ongoing process, and throughout the years you’ll learn more and more about exactly how your target audience responds to the acquisition techniques you’re putting out there. Over time, you’ll have a fool proof customer acquisition strategy that you know works.

In this guide to customer acquisition, we’ll get to grips with the best ways to acquire new customers with our top 10 customer acquisition tips. We’ll also introduce you to the idea of customer retention, and provide a range of ideas as to how you can ensure customers are making those coveted repeat purchases!

Top 10 Customer Acquisition Tips

Customer acquisition is all about understanding your target audience, and what really makes them tick. Of course, as the owner of your business, you’ve probably got this one down just fine. So, how can you use your in-depth knowledge about the market to ensure you’re acquiring just the customers you’re looking for? Here are our top 10 customer acquisition tips that really work.

  • Improve Your Organic SEO Approach
    SEO today is one of the leading ways brands get their visibility out there. We all use Google to search for solutions to our problems, and making sure you’re on that top page for your specific keywords can make all the difference.
  • Create an Intriguing Website Design
    First impressions matter, and customers do judge businesses depending on the level of effort that’s gone into their website. It is, after all, the digital equivalent of your shop front! Make your website design engaging and interactive, and you’ll notice customer acquisition becomes much easier as they truly relate to your visual message.
  • Raise Brand Awareness via PPC Campaigns
    PPC is a great way to raise brand awareness and even bring customers in through those pay per click advertisements. Make sure you’re hitting all the right keywords your target audience are likely to search for. You can measure PPC performance over time, and adjust the budget to suit your requirements for each campaign. Even if customers don’t click through to your advert, repeated exposure even to just the name of your brand can help get your business out there.
  • Run a Genuinely Interesting Industry Based Blog
    Those interested in your industry are likely to be one of your key target audiences. We all love nothing more than a great piece of genuinely informative content that draws us in, and allows us to relate with a particular brand. Blogs are one of the primary ways that businesses also implement SEO keywords throughout their websites, so this offers great potential for getting your name out there on Google, too.
  • Develop a Solid Social Media Strategy
    Everyone’s on social media, and it’s a marketing strategy not to miss out on. Engage with your potential audience by posting regular content that adds value to your page, or using or running sponsored posts, filtered by demographic.
  • Make Your Brand Philosophy One that Matters
    Potential leads are much more likely to purchase from a business whose ethics and ideas match their own. Make them feel like they’re investing in something that counts towards their beliefs, but don’t lie or exaggerate! Being genuine matters, and customers can often see through false claims.
  • Consider First Time Purchase Offers or Discounts
    An easy way to grab attention is to offer, for example, a 10% discount on every customer’s first purchase. If the deal is a good one, they’re likely to recommend friends to your website, too.
  • Get Your Brand Tone of Voice Spot On
    Tone of voice is so important, as the way you engage with your audience is what can really drive them to bite the bullet and purchase from you. The tone of voice you’re looking for entirely depends on the kind of product or service you’re offering. Don’t be inconsistent with the way you interact: this will likely confuse people, and they’ll be left wondering what you’re actually trying to do.

What About Customer Retention?

It’s all good and well to say you know exactly how to acquire customers for your business. However, many industries find that the majority of their sales actually come from repeat customers. The process of customer retention is no easy feat, and many businesses struggle to keep their customers if they make even just one slip up with regards to service or the quality of their product. Below, we’ll discuss our top customer retention tricks that really work for businesses.

Customer Retention Tricks That Really Work

We’ve talked about customer acquisition, and how you can navigate the topic successfully. So, here’s all about how you can make customers stay. Prompting them to make repeat purchases will really cement your business in their minds as a brand to look back to for more, time and time again.

  • Unwavering Customer Service Excellence
    This is key to customer acquisition and retention. If someone has a bad experience the first time round, they’re exceptionally unlikely to purchase again. Customer has an issue? Resolve it quickly, and make sure you offer an apology.
  • Incorporating Value into Your Content
    Make sure your blog or social media content is consistently interesting. Customers are likely to follow and keep up to date with brands offering something they learn from. For example, consider a blog post on the behind-the-scenes processes, or an Instagram story about the founders of the company. This makes everything just that bit more personable!
  • Reward Customer Loyalty
    Loyalty schemes such as brand points are a great way to entice repeat customers. They feel they’re getting something ‘free’ by gaining those points, despite having had to make multiple purchases. It’s a win-win situation on both ends.
  • Take Feedback on Board and Show Results
    Feedback is everything, and negative reviews can even damage your reputation. Show customers you care about their opinions by taking feedback on board, or responding to them directly.
  • Convenience is Key
    Do all you can to make things easier for your customers. Once they notice just how hard you’ve worked to make their lives easier, they’re likely to appreciate this and reciprocate by making further purchases. For example, including an easy free returns label within your delivery box, can set you apart from competitors.
  • Consider Subscription or Referral Incentives
    Subscription services are becoming increasingly popular, and absolutely ensure you’re getting repeat customers. Referrals are another great way to expand upon your current customer base, and the referees revel in receiving awards or incentives from brands.
  • Exclusive Email Subscription Offerings
    Having customer subscribe to your email shots is easy when you offer a discount code for entering their details. From there, you can release regular updates and prompt further sales with exclusive offers and codes!

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