How To Drive Traffic To Your Cannabis Accessory Site

Starting any sort of online store can be a tough endeavour, especially when considering the amount of competition there is out there, only but increasing as the digital age rises. This is made harder when you’re in a niche like cannabis accessories which is seeing a surge thanks to the recent increase in US states legalising cannabis. 

Modern-day advancements have seen the superfluity of new products on the market too, and one that can often feel over flooded. Website shopping platforms such as Shopify have over 500,000 stores alone, and there are more than 6 million paying businesses using Google Workplace (previously known as G Suite). It leaves one to question how to stand out among the influx of businesses online?

If you’re also just starting-up, these sort of options are not feasible, however, not all hope is lost, and in fact, there is an alternative and effective way to grow your store/site: by simply increasing the amount of traffic that your website receives! 

Curious to learn how? Here are a few ways in how to drive traffic to your online site/store. 

Improve the quality of your site 

The reason why Google has so many loyal users is that it helps people find what they want easily and effectively, as well as being simple enough when speaking design and under-friendliness. 

Ultimately, you want to put yourself in the same frame of mind and question what can get you the best results. Improving the actual quality of your website across all fronts is the easiest way to start. From ensuring you use better quality images to pages that are easy to navigate, posts that are reader-friendly and that goes for having a clear user-interface too. 

One online cannabis accessory store and site that seems to have hit the nail on the head when it comes to a top-notch website is and their website is easy to navigate from a purchasers perspective. But it also takes into small yet vital factors such as these will ultimately improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) traffic flow, helping Google to pick up your website organically. 

Make sales easy on your site 

An increase in site traffic is great, but it isn’t helpful if your potential customers or site-visitors aren’t converted into buying your product/service/brand. 

Before you focus heavily on traffic, it’s pivotal in ensuring your actual website has been optimised in such a way that it’s able to attract sales just from when arriving on the home page, as well as the site’s other landing pages. 

There are indeed a few simple things you can manage yourself, such as making sure it’s clear from the get-go that customers know what you are selling or using photography within your website pages. Remember to keep an uncomplicated website structure overall with small changes, for example, making the payment process easier for customers. 

Ultimately, as your sales increase, it actually improves your SEO rankings automatically, which will drive more traffic to your website in a natural-fashion. 

Use social media 

Love it or hate it, businesses nowadays need social media in order to be successful and many of them are turning to the power of social media to help create brand awareness, as well as improve their user reach and to grow their audience, for which it can be utilised excellently. 

With just about any sort of social media platform under the sun, each individual one has its own benefits, take Twitter for example which is used for short and sweet advertising. Instagram on the other hand, is employed more for engagement and results show that connecting with an audience help to increase traffic and popularity. 

Use links on your site 

Now as your business begins to grow, the amount of content you have available increases in much the same way. 

Talking online, an increase in site traffic means the need for a ‘bigger’ and broader featuring website. At this stage, you can now start to link some of your other products in prior blog posts, or you can incorporate a ‘Recommended Products’ section on a page suggesting similar products. 

Remember how important social media can be, so do include links to your business’ social media account too. 

These sort of gestures keep your site visitors browsing and potentially shopping for longer, and this too actually increases your search rankings. The more valuable your site content, the higher the frequency in which it appears in a Google search will increase. 

Dorian Koci

Dr. Dorian Koçi is a historian, Director of National Historical Museum of Albania and lecturer in Tirana State University, Faculty of History and Philology and New York University of Tirana.