How to Create a Pricing Proposal

Bidding proposals can be always considered crucial for any business, especially one that offers others the purchase of products or services. Such proposals explain why such services or products are better and appropriate for the potential customer. To this end, a pricing proposal is created. A company can use a high-quality template of such a proposal to save time and make it properly.

Software for Creating Proposal Templates

Check out the helpful information below and create the best pricing proposal.

  1. The purchase of a reliable physical copy. This should include all the detailed templates with examples you can use to create the proposal itself. Also, pay attention to having a cover letter for the proposal. Examine the appearance of the template to make sure it matches your company’s proposals.
  2. Cover letter. Make sure to create a cover letter for your proposal. You can use an appropriate template for this. Indicate how your products and services can be useful to the potential customer. You can do this by including a small section with testimonials from loyal customers. The letter should be effective and clear. Create a brief cover letter so the customer can quickly read it.
  3. Information presentation. In the proposal template, try to accurately insert information about your services or products. Make sure that it includes up-to-date prices and deadlines for completing the orders. You must provide accurate information and carefully draft your proposal. Do not deviate significantly from the template.
  4. Proposal Verification. Verify your proposal and cover letter. This process should be focused on finding grammatical and spelling errors. Pay attention to the accuracy of the information provided. Everything should be consistent with your company’s activities.

Different software can be used to create a pricing proposal, for example, Pandadoc CPQ Tool.

Tips for Writing a Pricing Proposal

Your pricing proposal should be short and clear. You shouldn’t write a lot of text because most customers don’t like it. A potential customer will appreciate information that is well-written and can be read quickly and easily. Your proposal should include all direct and indirect costs. This is where you need to focus the customer’s attention. To create an effective pricing proposal, take note of the following helpful guidelines:

  1. Study information about the client. Before you plan to cooperate, make sure to study detailed information about the potential client. You can talk to the employees who make the decision in the target company. Take time to carefully read the details of the proposal. Relevant information is sure to be considered in making a pricing proposal in order to increase its value.
  2. Use templates. Do not waste time writing a proposal on your own. There are many examples of pricing proposals and you can choose a template that is appropriate for the services and products you are offering. You can find these templates on the internet and use them to make an effective proposal.
  3. Setting the budget. When planning your internal budget, you should be sure to consider direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are consumables, employee salaries, travel expenses, and equipment used. Indirect costs include rent for premises or certain equipment, as well as insurance.
  4. Trust relationship with the client. Build a trusting relationship with potential clients. This is very important because it affects a long-term partnership and therefore income for the company. The cover letter should outline sections and offers that will be of an appealing nature. It is important to emphasize the benefits to both parties and draw attention to the benefits of the services or products offered.
  5. Date. The client should definitely know about the date when the work is planned to be completed. In this paragraph, be sure to specify only accurate information about when the work will be completed. Do not mislead the clients because it can have a negative impact on your company’s reputation and you will gain distrust from other partners.
  6. Payment Methods. Offer the client several payment methods and a sufficient amount of time to make the payment. It is most effective when you offer three or four methods of payment.

Writing an effective quote is not difficult if you use the right template. There are many templates available, so pay attention to the one that will fit your activity and the services or products you offer as closely as possible.


A pricing proposal is something you can’t do without when you run a business, large or small. It is highly important to create the right offers to work with potential customers in an efficient and profitable way. This is how you will take care of the income and development of your business. Be committed to creating a long-term partnership and a relationship of trust. A lot depends on the right pricing proposal, so use reliable software for such purposes.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.