How To Check Your WordPress Site’s Accessibility

Web accessibility means that all tools and technologies in a word press authored website are designed and developed in a way that people with disabilities or special conditions such as aging can perceive , understand, navigate and interact with your web content easily.

Word press accessibility is a legal requirement. Apart from the common good, it enables people with disabilities to communicate, do business easily, and participate more actively, hence an improved experience for all people.

How to check your word press accessibility

Use accessibility check tools

This is one of the easiest ways to check for wordpress ada compliance and WCAG compliance. Tools such as Audio Eye work with organizations, designers, agencies, and businesses to help you identify non-compliant features so that you can take corrective measures.

Benefits of using accessibility-testing tools

  • Testing helps you expand your user base
  • Helps you build a positive public relation
  • Helps you avoid discrimination and legal complications
  • It is thorough, hence increasing find ability with search engine optimization

Check the alternative text (alt) for both images and non-text content

Accurate alt text in images ensures that a search engine interprets graphics and images properly in order to make them visible in the SERP page. This is important because different people access the web in different ways depending on whether they’re searching for a hyperbaric chamber for sale or just looking to catch up with friends.

Use a screen reader or to check for alt text on both desktop and mobile mode. For tech savvy individuals, you can review the code for any image attribute or use an automated tool to scan missing alternative text. However, while using the automated tool, you will have to check whether the alt text is sufficient manually.

Check for transcripts on videos or closed captions

Transcripts and captions include spoken dialogue for videos, appropriate sound, relevant graphics, and elements such as music. Ensure that they are in tune and relevant. Transcriptions not only help the deaf but they are also a great SEO booster.

To test for transcriptions, check within the video player for a button to open closed captions. Test whether the button works with a mouse and keyboard. If the button is open, then it means that your captions are okay.

Check the color contrast

The color contrast is the variation between the font and the background. Color contrast influences visibility and readability of your content. It is a critical requirement since most people prefer comfortable light as opposed to too profound or too dull contrast. Although color contrast is affected by brightness levels, any web content should be readable in medium brightness. The WCAG contrast criterion advocates for a ratio of 4.5:1 for normal text and 3:1 for large text.

To check for color contrast, you can use free validation tools provided by the Bureau of Internet Accessibility.

Other factors to consider when designing an accessibility compliant word press site

  • Ensure your website is keyboard friendly
  • Ensure your website can be zoomed in and out without loss of content
  • Space related content using headings
  • Create different designs for different points/view
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