How to Become a Master Speaker and Persuade People

Do you have to deliver an engaging presentation to an audience? Are you confident about persuading them to accept your pitch? Designing a captivating slideshow along with a persuasive speech is a daunting task. We aim to render that task easy for you.

SlideModel offers a top-notch collection of presentation designs. You can download a professionally crafted template PPT design for giving a mind-blowing slideshow. Combined with a persuasive oration, your slide deck can transform you into a master speaker in no time.

What Makes a PowerPoint Effective?

PowerPoint presentations created mindlessly with an overload of information will hinder your persuasion. Craft your slide decks with relatable and concise information. Keep the slide content crisp and integrate main takeaways. Align your information with your branding strategy. SlideModel’s Creative Agenda Slides Template is perfect for all your agendas in one slide. 

Your slide design matters incredibly for a persuasive presentation, be it a sales pitch or marketing mix. A confident speech will create more impact on your audience if you design your slides with mastery. Weave a compelling structure with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Build your presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint themes and eye-catching PowerPoint Templates from SlideModel.

Six Tips for Business Presentations

  1. Know Your Audience

When it comes to delivering an effective presentation, knowing your audience plays a pivotal role. The audience of today likes a dynamic presentation experience! Before starting creating a presentation, you should gather intel about your audience and thus, craft a targeted presentation strategy.

For instance, a business meeting is often attended by experts of that particular industry. Hence, you must ask yourself, why would the audience care about your presentation’s message? Thus, you can fine-tune your slide content, speech and get straight to the gist.

  • Leverage Templates

Give your business presentations a unique twist with tailor-made PowerPoint templates. Pick befitting templates corresponding to your brand to have an aesthetic and professional slide look.

Multi-purpose templates help you to save your precious time from preparing slides from scratch. You can easily edit and customize them as desired. Simply explore and download the desired template and leverage state-of-the-art design aesthetics to woo your audience.

  • Compelling Graphics 

The agile business environment of today demands you to stay on top of your designing game. Infuse your slide decks with attractive HD images, videos, flow charts, and infographics. Google PowerPoint templates to get appealing slides with graphics.

Check out the Corporate Orange Gradient PowerPoint Template for excellent graphic design. Again, you can leverage ready-to-use PowerPoint templates to get your hands on visually appealing, corporate-friendly graphics.

  • Data Visualizations

Presenting numbers and statistics has a reinforcing impact on your audience. To magnify the resonance of those figures, you must opt for data visualizations. Facts displayed in charts, diagrams, shapes, tables, and trend lines will keep your audience absorbed in your slides.

It will also help them to digest information more quickly. Leverage a Creative Orange PowerPoint Template for best-in-class data visuals. Presenters can transform data into intuitive visualizations and make it easy for the audience to digest the data and hence, make sense out of it.

  • Interact With the Audience

All talk and no interaction will make your audience go into a slumber quite early. Ensure to pause for creating a dramatic effect. Simultaneously, keep the interaction going with your audience. You can casually ask questions from them.

Involve your audience in your presentation. This participation will keep them engaged and active in your presentation speech. You can also consider leveraging audience engagement techniques such as polling, QnA’s in and out the presentation.

  • Engaging Narrative 

Storytelling is one of the most popular and effective strategies to deliver a persuasive presentation. Before diving into your slides, start your speech with something surprising that hooks your audience. 

Your story should engage your audience in your slides from the start and keep them invested throughout. Right from slide one to the end of your meeting, your presentation must engage your audience through rich visuals, superior content, and attractive animations, altogether.


Creating a presentation and imparting it with an influential speech takes practice. Design your slideshow with the above tips and templates for delivering confident slideshows. Happy presenting!

Adam Hansen