How to avoid vent fires of the dryer and protect the house?

One very important fact that the vast majority of people don’t realise is that there are a lot of house fires that occur because of the clothes dryer that people have. The numbers of this kind of dryer fires are in thousands. The alarming fact is that the majority of people are simply unaware of this fact. They don’t know how big these numbers are.


If the United States Fire Administration is to be believed, there is an average of twenty-nine hundred dryer fires every year. People fail to realise how grim the situations are.


Looking at the number of cases, it becomes very important that people should know how they can keep themselves far away from situations and stay safe at their homes. To understand the reason behind such a large number of dryer fires in the country, you need to know the issue. The problem that leads to this large number of issues is the clogged dryer vent of these clothes dryers. The only way that a particular person can prevent these dryer fires is by cleaning the clogged vents of these dryers.


These fires caused by clothes dryers cost the people of their property as well as their lives. If the data is to be believed, every year each of such dryer fires result in as much as thousand of fires. These fires, in turn, result in as much as 5 deaths along with with near about 100 injured people. These fires not just cost people of their lives, but their property too. All of these fires combined result in near about property losses of about thirty-five million.


Reasons for these dryer fires


Before knowing about how to put off these dryer fires, the thing that people need to know is that what is the chief reason that causes these dryer fires. Today, we will tell you the biggest reason behind the dryer fires. When you use a clothes dryer, after an extended period, the vent of the dryer will fill up with lint due to the uses. There is a filter in the clothes dryer for the same purpose to remove all this lint, but there is some quantity of lint that makes its way through this dryer filter.


Mainly, there is fire when the lint that gets past the dryer filter and then builds up in the dryer or the duct of exhaust to be specific.


Due to this quantity of lint that b gets collected in the exhaust duct, there is usually a blockage of the flow of air. Due to this blockage of the flow of air, there becomes a heat build-up. This heat build-up keeps talking place until one day the highly inflammable lint that is stored there catches fire and starts to burn.


Tips for safety to reduce the risk of fires by dryer


  • One of the things that you need to keep checking constantly is that the air is constantly getting out through the exhaust of the clothes dryer. If this is not happening, then this is a sign of possible danger.
  • If the air is not passing through the exhaust then this is a clear symbol that the duct is blocked. If this is what has happened, then you need to immediately take the dryer and disconnect it from the duct of the dryer.
  • You can use the services of an expert for cleaning.


You can use the internet to search for it. If you are living in Peterborough then you should search duct cleaning services in Peterborough. After doing this, you should keep it that way. The user needs to reconnect the duct with the dryer and along with that to the outside vent. This should be done by the user before using the dryer again.


The user should always disconnect the power from the dryer before he or she leaves the house. There is always a chance that there will be a fire because of the dryer and to prevent this, you need to disconnect it from the power because there will be no one at home to save the house in case of a fire.


Before you dry every load of cloth or after it, you need to clean the lint screen or filter.


Ways to stop a fire be dryer


  1. By using a fire extinguisher – Every house must have a fire extinguisher for the cases of emergency. Most people keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, but very few smart ones keep it in the laundry room.


  1. By a fire blanket – For the people who don’t know, the fire blanket is a blanket that is made up of wool and it is made up to smother the fire. This blanket comes with a wall-mount which makes it easy to pull out during emergencies.


So, this is all that you need to know about the cases when fires can happen because of the dryer. You should follow the tips given above to prevent it.

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