How to Advance Your Career with Influence Networks

Colleges are like a ripe harvest for businesses. Alumni wanting to dive into a career with their acquired knowledge, and businesses looking for new talent that will have their company grow. However, that only describes one aspect of how effective an alumni network can be. An alumni network can help drive referrals, boost business development, increase sales, connect with mentors and mentees, and potentially create a positive evangelist community. Elaborating on the sales portion, creating an alumni network creates a loyal customer base on top of a talented pool of employees. Studies show that businesses that engage with alumni see a 44% increase in sales and engaged alumni deliver a 10% increase in brand sentiment. Moreover, alumni as brand advocates are worth 5 times more than the average customer. The best part is that setting up an influence network is easy to do.

Before explaining the steps to constructing a network, it’s a good tip to start with your alma matter because you have already established a connection with that school making it easier to connect with alumni, therefore, getting a network done faster. When contacting an alum, start the conversion using email or LinkedIn. Provide a concise explanation of who you are, how you got their contact info, and why you would like to meet. Once you have a steady dialogue going, ask to meet for an “informational interview.” Lastly, send a note thanking them for their time the day after the meeting.

The Power of Influence Networks
Infographic provided by:
Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.