How Testimonials Drive Your SEO’s Success

There are so many types of search engine optimization that selecting the most suitable strategies for your own site can feel like an insurmountable task.

Of course you may already have implemented as many different SEO tactics as you are aware of, and are now looking for yet another way to get the edge over your competitors.

In both instances, looking into the impact of customer testimonials is a sensible option, and could even form the engine room of your future SEO successes, so here is a look at what makes this particular tool so effective.

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Good reviews are rewarded with improved search visibility

Google and other search engines use all sorts of metrics to determine whether or not a site is worthy of rising up the rankings and appearing close to the top of results pages. Positive customer feedback is a key factor in determining this, because of course search engines will be more likely to satisfy the needs of users if they have undeniable proof that the businesses they are recommending are reputable and well-liked.

Testimonials do just that, and this is why more and more businesses are asking customers to leave reviews on third party platforms, as well as providing them with feedback to post to their own websites.

This is especially relevant when chasing local SEO success, such as if you want your business to appear when people in a particular geographic area search for specific products and services.

Video testimonials are more engaging and trustworthy

It is not just written testimonials that make a difference to your search performance, as well as to how your brand is perceived; video testimonials can be even more influential over customer behavior and SERP rank.

Furthermore a video testimonial can be made with modern software in a matter of minutes, and does not require complex or costly services to create.

Once you have video testimonials available, you can add them to your site and include transcripts of what is said to further improve search optimization through the metadata involved. You then also have more content to share via social media, which will in turn generate traffic for your site and prove to search engines that there is a lot of legitimate interest in and engagement with your online storefront.

Responding to reviews is a must

Another point to make when talking about customer testimonials is that your SEO successes and also your brand perception are partly reliant on your ability to respond to the feedback you receive, rather than allowing it to exist unanswered.

Google itself has said that review responses make a difference to where your site appears in local search results, which is why you will probably have seen businesses getting involved and leaving replies after customers post comments.

Even more interesting is the fact that it is equally vital to reply to positive reviews as it is to negative ones; simply thanking previous customers for their testimonials will show prospective customers that you are a responsive and caring company.

You may be tempted to issue cookie-cutter responses to testimonials, but the reality is that a bit of personalization goes a long way, and will not only bolster your SEO but could also convince existing customers to come back and make purchases further down the line, meaning that the benefits really are multifaceted.

So there you have it; testimonials of all types have risen to prominence in recent years, and can be a powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal, so long as you are willing to seek out feedback and also respond when it is offered.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.