How Security Guards Improve Your Retail Business

Security guards can do much more than reducing shrink. They can improve the customer experience, too. You might not immediately think of that as a benefit to employing a security guard in the retail setting, but your retail security force can be the front line of your customer service.

Your retail security guard offers the first face in your store that a customer sees. They do not need to function as a greeter, but they do need to represent your business positively. This means they must appear professional and responsible. They must stand at attention and actively view the area to make it safer. They might smile as people enter or exit.

The security force needs to be polite and respectful, but firm. The security guard is there to protect the peace first and foremost. They should keep everything quiet and ensure that you do not lose any products. This means watching employees for their behavior as well as customers. Shrink produces as much of a problem as shoplifting.
Security guards need to understand what attitude to take with each person since their needs differ. Friendliness to someone reporting a shoplifter is appropriate, but not the shoplifter. Helpful to a child who has lost their parent in the store, but efficient about making an announcement in the store and locating the parent, so they can get back to protecting employees, customers, and your products.

Your security guard can learn the names of the employees and regular customers which helps build rapport. This also makes it simpler to locate employees when needed. Security guards who get to know employees while on break will have vital knowledge if something unusual happens at the store. This can give insight into cases of shrink thefts or missing money.

Having a licensed security guard on the job also contributes to customers’ opinion of your store. It makes them feel safer since they actually are safer. Security guards should remain armed at all times, so they can adequately protect the customers and employees. This means they need to maintain a gun license at all times. They also need to understand computerized security systems and know how to switch between monitors and watch multiple screens at once.

An authoritative manner is a prerequisite. The security guard cannot be meek or too friendly. Their responsibility is peacekeeping much like a police officer. Many security guards are retired police officers and may also maintain a private investigator license.

This position also requires a person immune to stress and anxiety. They must exhibit complete self-control and know how to quickly negate a disorderly situation. A security guard has to make snap decisions in a sound manner. This job also requires a responsible individual who avoids distractions and remains on track to get the job done efficiently and effectively. They need to thrive on routine and exhibit innate focus and concentration.

Fairness also matters. Your security guard can never make exceptions for any person or group. They must apply the rules and the laws of your state equally.
All of these qualities go into a security guard who improves your retail store’s reputation and function. A security guard makes every individual feel safer, remains safer, and helps you maintain an orderly work and shopping environment. Their self-control benefits you in multiple ways since you avoid product loss while enhancing sales because customers find your store more welcoming.


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