What Kind of Attorney Does Your Business Need?

Every day, businesses engage in all kinds of activities, transactions, and communications that can have legal repercussions in a number of different ways. As such, there is no denying that most companies should have a lawyer onboard. However, what isn’t as clear is what kind of attorney you should hire. 

Well, there isn’t a straightforward answer here. The kind of lawyer you will require will depend on the kind of business you run, what kind of people you deal with, and the legal issues that you are most likely to run into. To get a clearer idea of the kind of attorney your company may need, consider the following: 

Employment Attorneys for New Hires 

Are you a new company that is hiring a whole slew of people? Or, are you planning on hiring a group of people in general? If so, you may want to consult an employment employee. Remember, these days equal opportunity placements and diversity is more important than ever before. Thus, you need to make sure that your company is following the proper guidelines. 

An employment attorney can ensure that you are giving everyone the appropriate opportunity to apply for a position as well as choose the right person for the job. Such attorneys can also help to give guidance regarding employment contracts, firing offenses, etc. This way, you are less likely to place the company in any legal straits later on. 

Contract Attorneys for New Partnerships and Clients 

There are some companies that have to deal with contracts more than others. If this is true for your business, then it is a good idea to consider a contract attorney. Such legal experts can be hired to draft, revise, and correct various contracts. 

Most importantly, your attorney will be able to ensure that you are putting yourself in the best possible position. At the same time, they will make sure that you aren’t opening yourself or your company up to any vulnerabilities. All in all, they will keep you well protected. 

Human Resources/Sexual Harassment Attorneys 

Sexual harassment or assault is an incredibly serious issue in the workplace and it is something that continues to be at the forefront. Due to this, you may want to hire a sexual assault lawyer or simply one who is well-versed in that area. 

This is an individual who can protect numerous individuals at the same time. This is true for victims as well as on the off chance if you are accused of sexual assault. All in all, this is an expert that you should have on hand at all times. 

Intellectual Property Attorneys 

Is your company involved in innovation or new ideas? If so, intellectual property attorneys can make all the difference. Remember, this is a rather tricky area of the legal system. This is true regardless of whether you are paying for ideas from third party members or have hired individuals specifically for that purpose. Thus, you need to make sure that you are covered on all sides. 

These are the types of business attorneys that you should hire for your company. Pick the one who will be most useful for you and have peace of mind. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.