How Is Wifi Changing and What is the Next Step?

The internet is growing by leaps and bounds. If the trend continues, the internet 10 years from now will look nothing like it is today. Some of the biggest shifts include modernized protocols, the capability of high-speed internet, and the ability of the internet to reach rural areas. It is important to note some of the biggest changes that have taken place as they will be bench posts on which the future will be constructed.

One of the biggest shifts has been the development of encryption. This has developed as an offshoot of consumer demand for more privacy and security. The internet is a place that is known for its anonymity; however, if it is not properly secured, then it is easy to steal someone’s data. As a result, there has been a rise in the development of encryption services. It is important for everyone to note that in order for encryption to work, data needs to be encrypted every step of the way. This includes not only the computer but also modems, middle boxes, ISPs, Mesh Wifi, and more. This has given rise to VPNs and other encryption tools. Companies are starting to note the importance that customers place on their privacy as well, as this appears to be a common selling point.

The internet has also started to merge with TV. There are new options for people to enjoy content, such as Cloud TV. There has even been the growth of something called the streaming wars, which has given rise to other options such as added streaming services. The streaming wars involve multiple streaming services competing for subscriptions from users. The entity that has really felt the sting of the streaming wars has been cable providers, who are losing customers in droves. It will be interesting to see how TV continues to evolve as the internet allows people to watch anything they want at any time.

Finally, another big shift in the development of the internet has been the rise of cloud computing. The cloud is a virtual space where people can store information and backup data. People used to store all of their information on physical servers and while this is still an option, it is important for everyone to make sure their data is backed up to someplace safe in the event that something bad happens to their physical data. This is the cloud. People can store their information on virtual servers and then download it back to their computer (or share their files with someone else) if they have to. The cloud is only going to continue to grow in the future.

These are a few examples of how the internet has changed recently. It will be interesting to see how the internet continues to grow and change in the future.


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