How Do I File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

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Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that most businesses provide for their employees when injuries happen on the job. Workers’ compensation will usually cover any medical expenses that the worker obtains from injuries, this includes loss of wages, the ongoing cost of care, and if your injuries are so serious that they lead to death, then funeral expenses will be covered by workers’ compensation. Although, what workers’ compensation covers are dependent on your state’s laws. If you or someone you know has been injured while working, it may be wise to get a lawyer consultation to see if you can receive compensation. 

When you get hurt, it is usually unexpected and stressful. So, how do you file a workers’ compensation claim? 

We are here to help ease some stress for you by providing the help you need to file a workers’ compensation claim for injuries caused at work. 

  1. Report your Injury

The first step in the process to file your workers’ compensation claim is to report the injuries you sustained to your employer. Depending on the state that you live in, you could have as little as a few days to report your injuries and in other states you can have up to a year. But, no matter how long you may have to report your injuries to your employer, it is best to do it as soon as possible. The other reason you should report it as soon as possible is because if you sustained serious enough injuries then you will be needing your workers’ compensation for medical expenses and for loss of wages due to not working because of your injuries. Also, make sure, when you get injured, to seek medical assistance right away if the injuries are serious. Having a track record of your injuries can help your workers’ compensation case, as well. 

  1. File a Claim

After reporting your injuries to your employer and seeking the proper medical help, your employer should give you the necessary forms to fill out for your workers’ compensation claim. Of course, your employer can help you fill out the form, but an overview of what you fill out are things like your name, birthdate, and injuries sustained. Now, you do not have to worry about turning the workers’ compensation form into insurance, your employer will do that for you. If, for some reason, your employer does not provide you with a form or is refusing to help you, then contact your local workers’ compensation office. They should help you solve this problem, if you are having one. 

  1. After You File Your Claim

After you file your claim it is up to the insurance company to investigate your claim and approve or deny it. The time frame for this should be anywhere from two to four weeks, although every state is different. If your claim comes back and it is denied, then you can get a knowledgeable lawyer to help you file an appeal. There are many reasons why a claim can be denied including missing deadlines or insurance companies disputing whether your medical injury is related to work. A professional lawyer can help clear up these circumstances and may be able to help you get the compensation you need. 

When you get injured at work it is scary and confusing, so if you need help make sure to not go it alone that way you can get back to work as soon as possible.

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