How Crypto is Conquering Sports

Cryptocurrency companies are looking for new ways to reach out to wider audiences and what greater platform is there than that of the sports industry? One of the largest realms for brand sponsorships and advertising, the worlds of crypto and sports have finally met as crypto begins to conquer the world of sports. Here the team behind the utility token and gaming community, GMR, has helped to explain what this means. 

Cryptocurrency Advertising and Sponsorships 

The sporting world is huge, worth billions of dollars, and has become one of the most successful platforms for companies to advertise their goods and services. Sponsoring big games, tournaments, competitions, players, and teams is a sure-fire way to get your branding in front of millions of people across the globe. 

As crypto evolves to become more mainstream, you may have noticed some crypto ads popping up alongside your favorite sports team. Most recently, for example, the sponsorship between and Formula 1. 

Not only does this symbolize the acceptance of crypto within the sporting industry, but will get people talking. People who have never even paid attention to cryptocurrencies in the past will now be following in the footsteps of their favorite sports team, club, or player and getting involved. 

Professional Athletes and their relationships with Crypto 

Not only have crypto companies been building partnerships and sponsorships with sporting events and teams, but the athletes themselves are also getting in on the action. 

You may have recently heard of some big names in the NBA and NFL taking portions of their salaries in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as opposed to dollars or other traditional currencies. 

And…you may be surprised to discover that Lionel Messi has been getting involved too! Signing his contract with PSG and taking a part of his agreed signing-on fee in cryptocurrencies!

Leading the way for millions of other athletes and their most avid fans to follow suit. 

Esports and Crypto 

Crypto isn’t just pushing into the world of physical sports. There’s a whole world of digital sports out there too…

It seems like a match made in heaven, digital sports meets digital currencies. The relationship between the evolving industries of Esports and Crypto is set to go from strength to strength in the next few years as owners and organizers of online Esports tournaments introduce crypto to their audiences. For the crypto world, this is just another great way to reach a wide, far-stretching audience of a young demographic to achieve more mainstream traction over the next decade. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.