Introduction to Amazon SEO for Small Businesses

The Amazon marketplace allows small businesses to reach millions of potential customers and turn a budding entrepreneur into a money-making success. Your SEO strategy will need to be top-notch to become triumphant on Amazon. There are now an estimated 9.5 million Amazon sellers globally, so competition is fierce.

Small businesses need to go the extra mile and remain in front of their competition by employing the best possible SEO strategies. However, SEO can be a difficult task, so an experienced Amazon agency often handles it on the seller’s behalf. This article aims to provide you with an introduction to Amazon SEO to grasp the basics.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is the process of improving the overall quality of an Amazon webpage to increase visibility and drive traffic on the platform. With the Amazon A10 Search Engine, businesses are able to improve their rankings and sell more products. When used strategically, Amazon A10 can bend to your will and keep you one step ahead of competitors.

It is often thought that the Google search engine is the most efficient, but Amazon has become the go-to buying platform and product search engine when it comes to eCommerce. Bloomreach found that 55% of consumers spend more time looking for products on Amazon than they do on Google.

The sellers who have the SEO know-how behind their products have the potential to rise to the top of Amazon’s search results – ultimately leading to more sales. However, a detailed understanding of the A10 search engine and its functions is required to get to this point.

The Basics of Amazon’s A10 Search Engine

The A10 search engine algorithm is a vital component of the Amazon SEO process. A subsidiary of Amazon developed it to help customer search queries match the most appropriate products on the Amazon marketplace. Understanding how the A10 algorithm works is crucial to being successful as Amazon SEO.

The A10 algorithm’s cognition mainly focused on a “revenue per-click” ability – Amazon’s ultimate goal. Whenever a certain customer searches for a product on Amazon, they need to be matched with the best-listed product option as it leads to an increased likelihood of sales and revenue.

There is currently no precise way to determine how Amazon A10 targets customer queries and results – but there are hints that can help make your products list higher on the search engine. The two primary ranking factors include:

  1. Selling high-quality products at a fast pace
  2. Mastering the skill of Amazon keywords

Amazon SEO Tips

Optimised product listings can result in increased click-thru rates and sale conversion. The sales copy needs to be top quality and relevant to the product and your target audience. A typical sales copy will comprise of three key elements:

  1. Product title;
  2. Product description;
  3. Bullet points.

The other area which can make a massive difference to revenue figures is the quality of the product photos. Although this may be obvious, many sellers continue to make the ongoing mistake of rushing the product photos. Ensure your success does not falter by taking high-resolution images, using good lighting, picking a plain background, and taking pictures from multiple angles.

The Takeaway

Unfortunately,  there is no quick trick to formulate the perfect Amazon SEO strategy. Instead, sellers must put in the time and work to learn the SEO process and foundational concepts. However, for those who would rather leave it to the experts and achieve faster results, SEO management can be handed over to an Amazon agency.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.