How Business Tech Trends Are Shaping the New Year

With the new year come business technology trends that are impacting how business is being done. Here are five business tech trends that are shaping the New Year:

1. Big Data Is Saving The Day!

A study by IDC projects an increase in global business data to 40 zettabytes by 2020. A zettabyte is 1000 exabytes, or a billion terabytes. That much data is hard to fathom, but what it means for business technology trends is that companies need to find ways to manage their business data better. Big Data technologies are working at saving the day as they allow businesses to make sense of all business data and turn it into business value.

2. More Productivity And Collaboration

The business technology trends this year are quite interesting as they are put at the service of business people to help them be more productive and make their business collaboration smoother. That brings us to team collaboration tools. These business tech trends allow teams to better collaborate through video conferencing, text messaging, voice over internet protocol, and social business collaboration.

3. More Personalized Customer Service

The business technology trends this year are all business and customer service oriented, and that brings us to personalized customer care. The business tech trend has been enabled by advanced business analytics technologies which allow businesses to make sense of the mountains of data it has about its customers’ behavior patterns and serve them better through personalized customer service.

4. Apps That Are Changing The World

The business technology trends of the New Year include business apps, and more specifically, business social network apps and business microtransaction apps. Business people love to stay connected with friends, family and coworkers outside of business scenarios. These business social network apps allow business people to stay connected even when they are on business trips. Business microtransaction apps allow business people to make business purchases like plane tickets or business hotel bookings, again, even when they are on business trips.

5. Intuitive Touchscreens

The business technology trends this year also include intuitive touchscreens, which now come with business intelligence capabilities (BI). BI allows business touchscreens to become interactive and be part of business decision-making processes.

Business technology trends are definitely shaping the New Year. It is an exciting time for business people to be on top of business tech trends and always on top of their business game! If you are in need of business tech support and business tech consulting, please do not hesitate to contact AIS. They will be more than happy to help you.

Chris Turn