How BI Is Reshaping The Culture in DevOps Workspace

Keeping your team productive and efficient is something you should view as a priority. Embracing technology is a great way to accomplish both of these tasks with ease.

For years, companies have used both DevOps and business intelligence to further their reach. While you may have heard these phrases in passing, you may not know exactly what they mean or how they can be used to benefit your business.

In this article, we will explore how DevOps and business intelligence can be used to create a productive work environment and a high level of accountability.

The Lowdown on DevOps

In 2009 a tech entrepreneur named Patrick Debois coined the word DevOps. These phrases was developed by combining the words development and operations, which oddly enough are the basis for this principle.

Some business owners mistakenly think that DevOps is a product or a piece of software. In reality, this practice is more of a mindset than anything else. The principles of DevOps are generally applied to two different areas of creation:

  • Using DevOps in Enterprise Management Systems- One of the most common ways DevOps is used is in the creation and optimization of enterprise management systems. Many of the people who got in on the ground floor of the DevOps movement were system administrators. The main goals of using this practice with enterprise management systems is to make configuration management and automated provisioning easier.
  • An Extension of Agile Development Principles- Most people view DevOps as an extension of the Agile development method. With Agile, developers aim to work closely with their customers and development team to find and address issues with their product. DevOps takes this one step further by suggesting that program functionality and customer interactions should be at the top of the list of priorities.

The key principles of DevOps are things like collaboration, automation and continuous integration. Companies who use DevOps are also passionate about continually testing their product to avoid deployment problems. Studies show that businesses embracing the DevOps way of doing things can increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction levels.

What You Need to Know About Business Intelligence

Now that you have an understanding of how DevOps is used, it is time to find out more about business intelligence. Most people fail to realize that businesses who use this type of intelligence are nearly 5 times more likely to make faster decisions.

As any business owner knows, striking while the iron is hot is essential when trying to grow and prosper. The main idea behind business intelligence is to provide business owners, operational workers and executives with the information they need to make better decisions.

Often times, business intelligence tools will provide companies with the ability to do things like

  • Mine big chunks of data
  • Perform data analytical processing online
  • Generate detailed reports

In most cases, business intelligence software will collect data from places like a company’s website, email and any customer interactions it has access to. Many companies use business intelligence to develop and hone their data-driven marketing plans. Business intelligence can also be used to increase efficiency and improve business processes with ease.

How Using DevOps Benefits Your Business

For most business owners, finding new ways of doing mundane tasks is a must. Trying to use outdated methods in the modern business world is a bad idea. Not only will this make your business less efficient, it can also lead to a variety of mistakes being made. You are probably wondering how DevOps can benefit your business. Read below to find out why using DevOps is a great idea.

Increase Deployment Speed

One of the biggest benefits that comes with using DevOps is its ability to speed up deployment. Whether you are trying to deploy a new process, application or system, using this principle is a must. Businesses that use DevOps are able to get results faster because this practice focuses on continuous integration and improvement. Being able to work faster and deliver results can help you increase profits and minimize mistakes.

Provide a Top-Notch Customer Experience

The key to keeping a business successful is providing customers with a great experience. Since the DevOps way of thinking is heavily reliant on continuous testing of a new product, customers are able to get a top-notch product the first time around. The last thing any business needs to do is rush through the development of a new product, app or software program. This generally leads to a number of mistakes being made.

While a business can find these mistakes later on with the help of programs like AppOptics, they need to work on preventing them altogether. More information about app and infrastructure monitoring can be found at this webpage.

Solve Problems in a Hurry

Properly solving problems during the development process can be easier said than done. When using the DevOps process, teams are able to find and solve problems with ease. Not only does this keep deadlines from getting missed, it also leads to the product or program in question being better quality. Ignoring the problems that a product, program or app has can be disastrous. This is why you need to use the power of DevOps to keep everything on track.

The Advantages of Using DevOps and Business Intelligence Together

Most business owners fail to realize that the success of their data intelligence hinges on a high level of organization. If data is not organized, it will be nearly impossible to make sense of it. This is why many companies have started to use DevOps principles when implementing new business intelligence methods. Doing this can be beneficial for a number of reasons and here are a few of them.

A Great Way to Enhance Data Quality

When collecting and analyzing data, you want it to be relevant and uncorrupted. By getting clean data, you will be able to make it more useful. Traditionally, business intelligence programs process the data they receive in large batches. Often time, mistakes occur when data is processed in this manner.

This is why adopting a DevOps approach to data mining is beneficial. With the DevOps approach, you will be able to automate the testing of data so it is more accurate. This way of analyzing the data will also help you avoid errors and mistakes that can come back to haunt you later on. Businesses who have adopted a DevOps approach to business intelligence claim to have a better situational awareness than ever before.

Improve Inter-Team Communication

As most business owners know, having all of the tech tools in the world can take the place of actual team communication. If members of your team are not working together to analyze and use data, it will prohibit you from reaping the rewards of business intelligence.

One of the key principles of the DevOps process is constant collaboration. Making sure your team is communicating about what they are finding in the data you have collected is essential. This constant level of communication will only benefit your company in the long run.

Artificial Intelligence is a Game Changer For Small Businesses

While we are on the subject of automation and innovation, let’s discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) is a game changer for business owners everywhere. For years, this technology has been used to gather information from consumers. This information is used for a variety of purposes like automating interactions and marketing. Using this technology can benefit your business greatly.

Artificial Intelligence Makes Data Mining Less Labor Intensive

One of the main benefits provided by AI is the work it takes out of the data mining process. Most of the cloud-based AI programs you find on the market these days are able to collect and analyze big data. Not only does this take a lot of work off of your plate, it can also help you discover insights that have been ignored in the past.

Automating Certain Operations

A lot of work goes into running a business. Instead of trying to take on all of this work alone, you need to use AI-infused programs to automate certain processes.

AI programs are used for automating things like small machines and even check-ins at hotels and office space. With a bit of research, you should be able to find AI programs that are specifically designed for your industry. With the help of these programs, you can take your business to the next level without feeling overwhelmed.

Moving Into the Future

Technology is growing with each passing year. Failing to find out about developments within the DevOps or business intelligence community can lead to you losing your competitive edge. While implementing the use of new technology may make you feel a bit overwhelmed, you need to push through and embrace these changes.

Adopting a DevOps mindset can help you greatly when it comes to adequately managing various projects. If you are tired of important tasks falling through the cracks, now is the time to make a change and take advantage of the technology that is at your disposal.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.