How A Small Business Can Protect Itself In These Areas

Small businesses have to be more aware of potential risks as they might not have the money to overcome a mistake or disaster that occurs. Larger companies have the luxury of being able to weather quite a bit more due to the large amount of capital that many of these companies possess. The best thing a founder of a small business can do is try to prevent issues from happening in a proactive way. Reactive thinking can be dangerous as constant issues will start to hurt profit margins as staff are dealing with problems instead of trying to grow the business. The following are areas that a small business can protect itself.

Legal Matters

Having a business lawyer like that ones at is important as at times clients that work at larger businesses might try to take advantage of a small business. Getting ironclad contracts written up is something that needs to be done as unclear wording can get a client out of paying for work that has been completed. Keep a lawyer on retainer as they can be a great resource when questions arise about certain things. This lawyer will also be a huge help if the business is taken to court for one reason or another.

Time Theft

Time theft is rampant at businesses of all sizes and can inhibit growth of a small business. A business thinking they are at capacity when not all employees are working to the best of their ability production wise can lead to over hiring. Setting up some kind of time tracking software is imperative as it can do a myriad of positive things. It keeps the employees doing honest work instead of surfing social media at the end of the day. This type of software also allows companies to see exactly how top performers are spending their time. This can impact training in the future as processes could have been optimized by an employee that consistently produces great numbers.


A small business with a terrible reputation is going to have a hard time keeping its doors open. With online reviews all people that deal with a business can go online and voice their displeasures. Lack of response to this type of review can make it seem like the business does not care about their customers. For this reason monitoring major review sites is important as claiming the business on these platforms can allow the business to respond. Responding to both negative and positive reviews is important as people want to be acknowledged. Checking this daily can salvage a customer that otherwise would have taken their business elsewhere.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is important to small businesses to continue to function in an efficient manner. The one trap that many people fall into is spending too much on areas that do not impact the quality of production or work delivered to customers. Setting out a budget and sticking to it not only will help save cash flow but it will also help keep profit margins consistent.

Protect your small business in these areas and it will make a huge difference. Do not leave these things up to chance!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.