How a PR-Software Can Help You Save Time and Stay Organized

Every company or service needs a little boost, a good word on social media, and a lot of shares.

By simply using public relations (PR) tools and activities, you will be able to build your business’s reputation and promote positive behavior towards your business. With the right image, you will be able to transform interested prospects into customers. 


You don’t have to do it alone, though; nor do you have to do every little step manually. PR tools are very cost-effective and could help you have better control over more targeted advertising campaigns.


These are indeed exciting times to be involved in the PR business. Great new opportunities have opened with the rise of content marketing and inbound demand generation, including a partnership with PR agencies. Followers in social media and influencer relations are essential in building a business profile. Businesses that are embracing this new marketing strategy are most likely to succeed. PR-software is a big help for businesses wanting to transition to modern digital marketing. It can help agencies meet or even exceed their client’s expectations.


Here’s how PR software can help you stay on top of the game:

Attract New Clients


Your business’s excellent reputation and performance can attract prospective clients, and your good records will serve as your business card. Building good relationships with them is equal to building customer loyalty. But once you talk with these prospects, you will find out that you have to offer them more information about how you could be of value to them. In this situation, PR software for agencies can help.


  • Industry Insight – PR software can help you get familiar with the PR industry, especially if you have no experience working with clients in the Industry before. Some of the things you would learn are industry trends, publications, influencers, and events. In this way, you can satisfy your prospects with the proper information about their specific space.
  • Competitive Analysis – With the help of a PR software, you can immediately determine the marketing strategy of your prospect’s competitors. At the same time, you will know what is most useful for them so you can make some recommendations based on your discovery.


Improve Client Retention


Once you have encouraged your client to get on board, you can make them stay for a long time with the help of a trusted PR software.


  • Measurement – Unlike before, proving the influence of PR investments to your brand’s success was difficult. But it is different this time, with the help of a PR software, you can easily share with clients the results of your PR efforts. You can now accurately demonstrate your value to the brand, and it is far easier to sell your agency to more customers.
  • Results – PR software helps you improve your results. Receiving alerts daily will help you keep up with trending topics for the day. You also get the chance to uncover opportunities for story pitches and ideas that are significant for reporters, bloggers, or influencers who might be willing to write about them or related topics. You can also schedule a time when you are going to reach out to them.


Become More Efficient


What you can do or your staff can do on any given day has a limit. This is a reality we must all accept. Public relations can be considered labor-intensive, so taking advantage of automation or scheduling some of the tasks using tools will allow you to focus on some strategic thinking instead of doing repetitive routines.


  • Reporting – PR agency’s vital role is to make a report for clients which can be generated automatically using the advanced PR software. It comes out beautiful, interactive, and can be shared with clients by white labeling.
  • Monitoring – Sorting through all the coverage, and identifying the essential details is vital. PR software will enable you to filter content based on the criteria that you set by leveraging custom media dashboards. As they learn your preferences and stories, the best solutions get smarter as time passes by.
  • Relationships –If you are spending less time on reporting and monitoring, you can spend more time building stronger relationships with clients. You can make better strategic guidance that can add value to each of the brands you are representing.


Technology will never replace a PR professional’s skills, but it can be a good investment and a valuable asset to your business. Agencies that utilize software will have an advantage, especially in this digital and dynamic environment. By using this tool, you will be able to identify trends among journalists or what’s important to prospective consumers and the most influential in their industries. 


With this information, you can have better strategic recommendations to your clients, and you will have better planning for your marketing strategies while aligning your goals.

Fabrizio VanMarcino

Fabrizio Van Marciano is a self-taught web designer, front-end web developer, and content creator. He is the founder of FVM.