Here is why you want to get your Salesforce Admin Certification this year

Have you decided to become a Salesforce Admin? Or maybe you are already working as one? Congratulations, you have just opened a whole new world of opportunities for your career and financial independence.

And while everyone is talking about the importance of joining global Salesforce communities and finding your mentors on portals like Trailhead or the best Salesforce training institute, many Salesforce professionals still get stumbled once you ask them about Salesforce Admin Certification.

Surprisingly, there is still no common opinion among Salesforce professionals as well as their employees about the value of Salesforce Certification. Is it just another pretty line in the resume or a truly significant addition to your Salesforce qualification?

However, the current trends show that companies and organizations that are considered the best employment opportunities for Salesforce Admins worldwide are now marking Salesforce Certification as a mandatory feature for prospective candidates.

A solid reason to at least start researching what is the Salesforce Admin Certification actually provides you and why more and more Salesforce Professionals are looking for the best places to train for their Salesforce Certification exam.

So, let`s dive deeper into the topic and see why you should probably get your Salesforce Admin Certification this year and who can help you with it.

What the Salesforce Certification gets you

Those who still consider Salesforce Admin Certification a pretty but not a necessary addition to Salesforce training probably don`t understand what the Certification procedure is all about. 

Salesforce is not some sort of software that you install once and for all and let do its job in the background. New solutions, apps, and tools that help to customize those solutions and even build tailored ones from scratch come out regularly, changing the way the modern business community sees and treats their CFRM processes.

Salesforce Certification empowers Salesforce Admins to receive and master those updates instantly and apply them in their work, becoming more efficient for their employers. Work on important Salesforce interview questions which will help you to get the certification done and to face any job interviews.

At the same time, the system of Salesforce Certification has recently been reformed and separated into several stages for different Salesforce professionals. It allowed Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers to be more consistent in their career development and even transfer from one role to another if they wish. At the same time, it helps employers see clearly what is the level of their Salesforce Admin at the moment and whether it corresponds with the company`s goals and expectations.

It is another reason why Salesforce Certification became an arguable matter not only among Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers but also those who hire them.

Where to train for the Salesforce Admin Certification?

Here are the best Salesforce online course platforms that will help you prepare for your Salesforce Admin Certification:

  • Trailhead – the portal is probably the first name that comes to mind when you are looking for Salesforce mentorship, updates, and training. Indeed, Trailhead gives you access to a global Salesforce community and interactive study tools;
  • CRS Info Solutions – one of the pioneers of Salesforce training, CRS Info solutions not only help people become Salesforce admins and Salesforce Developers but also provides Salesforce Certification training for professionals. The study materials are constantly updated, and the training is guided by practicing Salesforce experts, which maximizes the chance for successful Certification;
  • LinkedIn – the global professional social media is also the biggest online job market and training portal for all sorts of professionals, including Salesforce Admins. Here you can find video content, training reference materials, and online tests to help you get your Salesforce Admin Certification and automatically add t to your online resume;
  • Udemy – another online education portal, offers Salesforce Admin Certification training as well. Here you will find lectures from famous Salesforce experts, with tests and practical assignments that will help you prepare for the Salesforce Certification exam.

So roll up your sleeves and start Salesforce training for your Salesforce Admin Certification exam, and by the end of the year, you are guaranteed to boost your career and discover stunning professional opportunities!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.