Heinz Kaegi LeaderShift–The Next Dimension of EmPowerment

Current business leaders and managers face many challenges that need smart and empowering solutions. 

More people in the workplace want to follow their individual goals, which sometimes contradict the organization’s, while others prefer working from home instead of from the office, and at their own time and pleasure. This calls for a shift from the conventional ways of management into new and conducive ways of leading. Given this, leaders must be creative and innovative in accommodating new ways of working while maintaining performance and improving value creation.

The best way for a company to move in the right direction is for leaders to have a clear vision of the bigger goal and how to achieve it. A clear long-term vision will inspire the journey toward making the company successful. Where should it be in the next 5, 10,  or 20 years? All other activities should align with the vision so that these efforts will bear fruits.

Leadershift at the top

To do this, top executives should learn to harness the power from within them to perform their best toward the vision. They should also have a strong mission toward the vision, ensuring that outside forces will not derail them from this path. And, importantly, they need to be honest with themselves and know their abilities as well as their incompetencies because their unique characteristics and personal motivations are what energizes them. 

“Once they are aware of themselves, they can lead from the heart and empower others to know what is expected of each person for the company to grow,” says Heinz Kaegi. 

The management crew also needs to grow together and work in constructive harmony. An appropriate leadership for the organization will encourage others to express the best attitude, which will help them grow as a team. When the management understands that everyone is different, they can empower those they work with by giving them the space to be themselves while still working toward the same vision. 

By encouraging others to be authentic and work as a team, there will be good utilization of resources, which leads to long-lasting productivity.

Empowering teams

Trainers and coaches can empower teams through models that encourage people to discover and use their unique abilities in the team. When everyone uses their distinctive competence, and with the best attitude toward team spirit, the team will be strong and highly productive. 

Even though it is easier said than done, it is a demanding task to inspire individuals to work together as a team, and managers and executives may lack the right models for their teams. That is why business leadership mentor Heinz Kaegi developed, together with his international clientele, proven concepts to powerfully align and succeed. 

Together with his team of international mentors and coaches, Kaegi-Leadership Ltd, Heinz Kaegi empowers top executives, managers, and their teams to reach from deep within and create an economy of heart. He does this through his LEX Leadershift Excellence-for-Life™ concept that follows the core laws of leadership.  

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.