Guide on How to Choose the Best Footstool for Your Office

The long and hectic hours of working in the business world mean people spend many hours in the same position on an office chair. This habit may lead to many health complications in the future if not controlled. Workers need to get comfort and relaxation when working. Go for chairs that provide ease, have places to rest your head and feet for extra comfort. Some seats lack the option of having a foot rest; therefore, you’ll need to find a separate footstool to improve your comfort level. There are different models, but for you to get the right choice, you should consider the following factors:

Stays in Place

A footstool that flexes back and forth has been linked to reducing stress on blood vessels and nerves. The stress in muscles can lead to static muscle loading. The stool allows more excellent circulation of blood in the body and is excellent for posture too. Researchers have recommended footstools that tilt, swivel, or rock since they can help you stretch and move your body during working hours. The best stool should have a non-slip bottom to avoid sliding around on the floor.

Great Texture

There are a lot of varieties when it comes to materials making up the footstools. It is vital to consider shopping around trying a few until you get the one that suits your needs. The texture of your ottoman depends on the type of treatment you will give it and your personal preferences. It would help if you first looked at the material making up your ottoman to identify its suitability before committing to it.

Elevation Relief

Some ottomans are designed to transition from sitting to standing. The shock absorbers will ensure that the weight and pressure from your lower back and legs are reduced so you can work hard and stand easily. Feet swelling can result from gravity pulling towards the earth, and by raising your legs, you ensure an efficient flow of blood from your legs to your heart.


The size of your footstool will be determined by your comfort level since there are different sizes available. Big footstools are preferable since they provide more space to place your legs freely. Availability of space for your feet will improve your blood circulation in your legs and keep your feet in a more comfortable position when typing on your computer.

Adjustment of Height

There are different adjustment options for the footrests available in the market. You can adjust the stool’s height to your preferences to make sure you are comfortable. Comparing their heights adjustment options is essential before you make any final decision.

Other than improving your blood circulation, footstools promote good chair posture. Shorter individuals whose legs are not in contact with the floor benefit the most from footstools. You must compare the design, features, and build quality of all the available models accustomed to make a perfect choice. You can get help from online reviews of experts before purchasing the product.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.