Green Technology for Manufacturers

Today’s manufacturing industry is in continuous development for new ways to streamline the production lines, synchronize plant-wide production, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. And, as technology is crucial in this industry, automated systems play a significant role in improving the precision in a manufacturing process.

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and Andon systems are the vanguards of manufacturing technologies, and they can be efficiently leveraged to increase the sustainability of a business—both in terms of production and environmental impact. Here’s how.

MES Systems for the Manufacturing Industry

MES systems refer to the communication, monitoring, and streamlining technology implemented by the manufacturing industry to increase productivity, reduce waste, and improve cost efficiency.

While they were once hand-operated, today MES technology is entirely automated—eliminating human error and expanding to meet company demand. It can be leveraged to optimize the production process and reduce waste across several worldwide locations. 

When linked to the company’s workforce, the system can also craft a tailored work schedule to help free personnel, and optimize the whole company’s schedule. 

These systems have a range of features designed to me your system needs, depending on your business. 

Andon Systems for the Manufacturing Industry

Andon systems, derived from the Japanese term for “paper lantern,” are a communication and alarm system used by manufacturers to send a facility-wide communication. In the instance of an issue or accident, these systems help managers troubleshoot the problem before it escalates and impacts the manufacturing process further.

Depending on how your Andon system is set up, it can either be fully automated, or require a level of manual activation. 

Andon systems are ideal for tighter control over the production line, and identifying processing or quality issues before the chance of further significant damage. Not only do these systems enhance productivity, but they also reduce waste and scrap. 

Execution Systems and Sustainability in Manufacturing

As well as the Andon system, MES technologies can increase productivity while reducing energy use to a minimum. 

Additionally, these control systems can be used to reduce the amount of wastage and scrap produced by each plant, which, as well as lowering your production costs, can also increase the overall business sustainability. Indeed, business waste not disposed of correctly represents one of the main pollutants worldwide. It leads to compromised ecosystems, harmed wildlife, and contributes to air pollution.

Additional side benefits of introducing an execution system in your business includes being paperless, and saving money and time on completing production reports. 

Overall, such systems can be extremely beneficial for any business, especially from a financial perspective. However, when introducing them, it is possible to make your business and production line even greener and more sustainable—without having to dedicate an extra portion of your business’s budget to that goal. 

Ultimately, as the current climate change emergency calls for stricter worldwide production and operating regulations, introducing these systems now will prevent you from having to face disruptions down the line.

Chris Turn

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