Get Acquainted with Popular App Advertising Types

No matter how useful, high-quality, or well-thought-out your application is, it can go unnoticed without proper promotion. You need to make a lot of effort to attract the attention of the audience. That’s why you need to think of a powerful promotion strategy and choose the right tools. Mobile app advertising is a real art that requires great knowledge and the need to keep up with the times. Technologies are greatly developed and this leads to changes in modern companies and branches. Many of them perceive the possibility of mobile app development as an essential need for a further quantum leap.

What types of app advertising are the most popular?

  • Apple Search Ads. This solution helps the app reach a high level of popularity in the Apple Store search results. It’s perceived as one of the most interesting and resultative ways to present the product to the people. Many users pay great attention to the apps on the highest search levels, moreover, the mentioned way of advertising is useful in ASA and it’s easy to get the most optimal results.
  • Universal App Campaign is one of the most cross-functional campaigns that work on computer-assisted instruction and are able to promote the app together on search and media networks, such as Google Play, YouTube, and Google. It’s easy to distinguish the advertisement due to the keywords, demonstration above over search results, and high coefficient of app installation in a case of enlightened keywords selection.
  • Facebook Ads helps promote the app on behalf of the product. Moreover, there’s a possibility to backtrace the installations, made due to the advertisement campaigns. It’s also easy to check out the currentness of your advertisement for users with targeting.
  • App Store Optimization relates to the mobile app optimization in App Store and Google Play. Everything is made in order to make the product more visible for the potential users and high up the results in organic search. There’s also a possibility to trace the app downloads, established due to advertisement campaigns.

How to reach the desired goal?

It’s recommended to become a client of the SplitMetrics Company, which improves the organic traffic and helps reduce the acquisition costs. All the app pages are checked out in all the details. The specialists use only modern tools and track all the scrolls together with taps. The available units make it possible to understand the ways how users interact with app page elements. The owner can find out whether the users scroll screenshots or watch videos. SplitMetrics Company also is responsible for conversion increasing, successful launching, seamless rebranding, and localization, the same as for lots of high-quality variations. The emphasis is made on the powerful insights getting and pricing adjusting. There’s also on-chat support with the specialists, who are ready to give an answer to almost any questions. Feel free to contact the company representatives and start the effectual cooperation with the reliable organization.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.