Gaining Clients Made Easy With Internationally Proven and Proprietary Client Connect!™ Formula

The business world is a never ending cycle of money gained and money lost. As an entrepreneur, you will be betting on yourself to succeed. With the right strategies and prioritized plan, success will be inevitable.

Kevin Wessels is the Founder and Managing Director of RevSherpas LLC. He has over 10 years of revenue growth acceleration consulting experience scaling global companies via strategic marketing outreach, sales enablement, and CRM and digital customer experience transformations using his internationally proven and proprietary Client Connect!™ formula.

It doesn’t take much

RevSherpas can do so much with so little regardless of the state of the economy. Kevin Wessels specializes in working with established small businesses looking to get to the next level and with emerging companies, even the ones that have little or no money to invest in marketing or advertising. He can share his expertise and recommended strategies that generate, qualify, nurture, and convert leads into clients inexpensively and efficiently. This can be of significance especially for small business owners that do not typically invest heavily in marketing but are looking to expand market share and transform from industry laggard to leader. It is perfect especially for start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs who are just learning the ropes, yet have lofty ambitions. Kevin Wessels’ consulting practice provides businesses with innovative insights, strategies, and frameworks that are usually only reserved for large global enterprises and delivered by higher-end (and often higher-priced) management consulting firms.

Time is money

Kevin Wessels advises his client family members how to set up streamlined systems in as little as 60 days, generating all the leads and clients that they can handle without having to spend an additional dime on marketing or advertising.  Nevertheless, Wessels knows marketing can only get a company so far.  He is not a one-trick pony that solely recommends lead generation strategies or the en-vogue social media shiny object promotional marketing tactic of the day for every single one of his clients’ business challenges.  Rather, his consulting approach is far more comprehensive and multi-faceted and focused on customer-driven growth strategies and business fundamentals.  Besides marketing transformation, his consulting solutions also and more typically relate to sales and pricing optimization strategy, customer experience innovation and client retention, operational process improvement and systems, financial statement analysis mastery, and employee engagement, training, and development.  While many so-called business coaches or advisors solely zoom in on marketing client acquisition techniques, they completely ignore how to enhance, retain, and expand their client relationships.  The holistic advice of the Client Connect!™ formula fills that void to fast-track results so you can find more clients with less effort and create more consistent cash flow – GUARANTEED!  

Essentially, The Client Connect!™ formula helps pave the way for a faster path towards attaining your goals and building and maintaining a highly profitable business or practice. Quick, inexpensive and less effort. The three qualities that the consulting service delivers. In the trifecta of progress for business, there’s the idea, the will and the way. You take care of the idea, you gather the will, let us take care of the way.

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Phone Number: 8005691374 

Physical Mailing Address: RevSherpas LLC 5233 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite B 351, Bellaire, TX 77401

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.