Full Service for Small Moves in San Diego

Not all movings are global. People frequently need competent assistance with small moves.

Small Moves in San Diego can be organized by Finch Moving Company! A small box of personal items will be moved to a new apartment, or we will carefully move the bed from one bedroom to another. The experts who work for our company have a lot of moving experience and deliver each item with total care. We are movers with complete licenses and insurance.

Our other services

Free Estimate 

Unique service that is absolutely free. Professional employees in our company make a detailed schedule of the move fully coordinating with the client. We take into account all wishes and select the time not to cause inconvenience. For example, it is relevant for office workers who have a clear schedule. Movers coordinate all the details for the sake of a high-quality move. Also thanks to Free Estimate you will know exactly the amount of material you need and be aware of the price. Finch leaves the choice to the person and provides this service even if you do not cooperate with the company. 

Local Movers

Finch operates in San Diego and another forty cities in the county. The company quickly and efficiently organizes the move fully providing a person or a group of people with a quality range of services

Long  Distance Movers

The Long Distance service is used when relocating to another state or city. Equipment trucks make it possible to move things over great distances. Each piece of furniture will maintain its initial shape while inside the truck. 

Office Relocation 

Moving is a frequent task not only for houses and apartments. Office workers also often change spaces for work. The Office Relocation service allows the team to quickly and qualitatively change location and at the same time do not break their own schedule.

Packing Services

In order to transport items properly, especially if they are fragile enough, it is crucial to pack them well before moving. Even an extremely fragile decorative element will be protected thanks to modern methods and multi-layered packaging.


For those people who need to leave their belongings in storage there is great news in the form of Storage service. Regardless of the number of items. There is enough space in our warehouses for a complete set of furniture and for a small box of personal items. This will suit those who are still completing the renovation of the new apartment and need to keep the furniture in a safe place. Also this service is relevant for students who need to leave things in storage for the summer. 

Loading & Unloading

It is important to consider the responsible process of Loading & Unloading during the move. This is one of the stages of moving, which should be under the clear guidance of professionals. To transport the furniture you need to gently load it into the trucks, and then install in a new place so as not to damage it. The long-term experience of carriers makes it possible to carry out this work in an organized manner. 

New and fully equipped trucks are used for transportation.

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